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Expert Debt Advice for a Debt-Free Plan

Feb 22, 2023
Money worries are often a daily stress for people struggling to pay off debt and can have serious impacts on day-to-day life. Blair Mantin, President of Sands & Associates, BC’s largest firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees dedicated to consumer debt...Read more

Options for Consumer Debt Relief in BC

Oct 10, 2022
Many people struggling to manage their monthly debt payments or pay off their debt balances in full don’t know where to turn for help. As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, debt help is what we do! Read on to learn about different strategies and resources...Read more

Looking for Debt Help? Start Here

Jul 22, 2022
When you’ve got debt but don’t have a plan even a modest balance can take years to pay off, and with accumulating interest charges this means paying back debt also ends up costing much more than it should. Every consumer deserves to make well-informed...Read more

Expert Tips to Pay Down Credit Card Debt Faster

Oct 5, 2021
Although they’re a convenient payment tool and extremely common form of credit, many people end up struggling with credit card balances – sometimes for years and even decades. Whether you’ve recently made it a personal goal to pay off your credit cards...Read more

What is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

Sep 10, 2021
Although tens of thousands of Canadians proceed with formal debt solutions each year, many others who struggle with financial challenges don’t know where to turn for support when it comes to dealing with debt. It is important for consumers to not only be...Read more

Office Spotlight: Sands & Associates Kitimat

Aug 23, 2021
Since its founding in Vancouver in 1990, Sands & Associates has grown to become BC’s largest firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees focused exclusively on debt help services for individuals and small businesses. We are pleased to announce our expanded...Read more

Office Spotlight: Sands & Associates Terrace

Jul 5, 2021
Since 1990 Sands & Associates has taken great pride in helping people in BC find their best debt solution and become debt-free. Now our debt help services are reaching more consumers and small businesses than ever before, and we’re pleased to announce...Read more