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Langley Bankruptcy & Debt Services

Licensed Insolvency Trustees specializing in bankruptcy and consumer proposals, servicing Langley, BC

Stressed about money? Feeling like you have no solution to never-ending debt?

Sands & Associates’ Langley debt help team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees (formerly called Trustees in Bankruptcy) and Estate Managers are qualified to help and support consumers and small businesses as they resolve their financial difficulties and become debt-free. Learn about your financial options and debt solutions in BC during a free confidential debt consultation.







205 - 20651 56th Avenue
Langley, BC V3A 3Y9

Located at 56 Avenue and Logan Avenue

Sands & Associates’ Langley office is located at 56th Avenue and Logan Avenue – look for our “Cut your Debt” sign on the building. Free parking is available in the plaza, and our entrance is at the Fraser Health side of the building.







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Please allow us to offer you the best service possible by calling or emailing ahead, as immediate walk-in service may be delayed. Complete telephone and video conferencing support is available during business hours.

Debt-free starts with a free consultation.

If you’re looking for debt solutions other than personal bankruptcy, you may be able to file a Consumer Proposal to deal with debt instead. A Consumer Proposal will consolidate your debt, stop all interest, reduce the debts down to what you can afford to repay – and give you full legal protection while you repay a reasonable and affordable portion of your debts.

Bankruptcy is something most people want to avoid, but sometimes it is the debt solution that makes the most sense. If you feel bankruptcy is right for you, let us explain how personal bankruptcy works in BC, you may be surprised to learn the ins and outs and find that it’s not as bad as you thought!

As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, Sands & Associates are debt professionals who can give you all your debt consolidation options.


Book your free consultation today to get advice from our caring, non-judgmental debt professionals in Langley. In less than an hour we can work with you to find a debt solution that meets all of your needs – your financial fresh start awaits!

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“Had a great experience with them! Everyone was very helpful and I left there feeling like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders which was weighing me down for years. Definitely would recommend their services.”



“Sands was a great help to us at a time when it seemed we were out of options. Dana was professional and empathetic to our situation and always responded to my questions and still helps in any way she can. I would recommend them to anyone even if you just want to evaluate your options.”



“To be honest, admitting your financial situation and asking for help can definitely be an embarrassing and scary process. From the get go Blair and his team immediately took charge and helped me every step of the way to get my financial situation back under control all the while never passing judgement only offering encouragement along the way. I honestly am not sure where I would be today and in fact, don't even want to think of that, if I hadn't picked up that phone that night and called Sands.”



“What a great team at the Langley branch. So helpful, walking us through our options and helping us to feel confident in the decision we made and moving forward to a debt free life. Thank you so much.”



“Sands & Associates reduced my debt load by 50% while keeping my credit score at a decent state!”



“I walked in thinking that I could never get out of debt and had this huge weight on my shoulders. After going in and talking to Cindy I just felt like I could breathe again. They are very understanding of each person’s situation and don’t make you feel bad for the situation you are in. It was an easy process and you walk out feeling better about yourself. Like you can do it.”

Meet the Langley Team

Blair Mantin

CMC, CIRP, President of Sands & Associates, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Blair Mantin specializes in consumer insolvency and strategies for debt resolution. With 15 years of experience, Blair helps individuals and organizations facing challenging financial situations navigate the often overwhelming, and sometimes confusing, world of insolvency. While each person’s situation is unique, his approach remains the same: “Let’s take the shame and despair away from being in debt – it’s a problem like any other, and it has a solution that works just about every time.”

As Sands & Associates President, Blair says the most important aspect of his job is empowering clients with information about their options to become debt free. “My job is to ‘level the playing field’ from a knowledge perspective – by providing individuals with the insights they really need to resolve their situation, they are able to move forward from a position of strength,” he says.

Blair’s number one piece of advice for people seeking help with their debts:

“Never, never pay for debt advice, and be careful about who you take advice from. Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee will give you the straight goods at absolutely no cost to you.”

Connect with Blair today to discuss your options during a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation.

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Bethany Cann

Estate Manager, Qualified Insolvency Counsellor

Bethany Cann is an Estate Manager and Qualified Insolvency Counsellor with over five years of experience working in the personal debt help industry with Sands & Associates. Bethany feels it’s important to provide debt help without judgment and says, “Through debt restructuring and financial counselling clients begin to feel empowered with knowledge of money management, and most importantly – hopeful about the future.”

Bethany’s number one piece of advice for people seeking help with their debts:

“In order to achieve your goals, let go and don’t dwell on the past. Let us help you focus on your future and get you where you want to be!”

Connect with Bethany today to discuss your options during a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation.

Contact Bethany to set up your appointment.

Dana Timko

Estate Manager, Qualified Insolvency Counsellor

Dana Timko has 21 years of experience in the area of insolvency, including 18 years as an Estate Manager. Dana is committed to ensuring all Sands & Associates clients she works with are thoroughly informed about their debt management and resolution options. “Although every client I see is unique, my goal for every session is the same: making sure they leave the appointment feeling like they have enough information to make a good decision about how to move forward,” says Dana. Dana specializes in consumer proposals and personal bankruptcy .

Dana’s number one piece of advice for people seeking help with their debts:

“Financial difficulties are not a reflection of who you are as a person, they are only a symptom of something bigger that you may have no control over.”

Connect with Dana today to discuss your options during a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation.

Contact Dana to set up your appointment.

Marlene Byrne

Estate Manager, Qualified Insolvency Counsellor

Marlene Byrne has ten years of experience assisting individuals in matters relating to personal insolvency. As a former credit counsellor, lender and bank manager, Marlene has experience in all areas of consolidation. For Marlene, the most important aspects of her job are educating clients about their options for debt resolution and helping them minimize financial stress. “My job is to empower people with knowledge so they know that there is help out there and choices available to them. Working with people to reduce their stress enriches their lives and can even improve their overall health,” says Marlene.

Marlene’s number one piece of advice for people seeking help with their debts:

“An initial consultation with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee or Estate Manager should not cost you any money. If it does, take it as a red flag that something is wrong.”

Connect with Marlene today to discuss your options during a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation.

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