4.9 Stars - Based on 1427 User Reviews
4.9 Stars - Based on 1427 User Reviews

Sands & Associates help me a lot to get over my financial problems. Carolyn... read more

Slavica Budimac 5/13/2022

Best thing we could have ever done ! Amazing experience , great Trustees - ... read more

Tama Perez De Lopez 5/02/2022

Familiar with my options in a timely and detailed manner. So I could make t... read more

Dragan Vukovic 4/28/2022

Sands and associates have been very infomative and helpful and thorough in ... read more

Sherry Cunningham Allen 4/28/2022

Like a lot of other people I found myself drowning in debt and suffering wi... read more

Josie Richards 4/06/2022

Thankyou to Jennifer and all support staff. My situation was handled with p... read more

Clive Hall 4/05/2022

The team is truly amazing and caring. Non judgemental at all and it wasn’t ... read more

Roberta De Oliveira 4/05/2022

My experience with Sands & Associates was incredible. Everyone that helped ... read more

Ilish Thompson 4/04/2022

I have dealt with Larisa and she was awesome she could handle the whole pro... read more

Hanna Attya 4/01/2022

Sands & Associates helps me to ease the burden and stress I've been going t... read more

Cza Marinas 3/31/2022

Very helpful and worth the call. I was uncertain about my options or even a... read more

Kyle Andrews 3/31/2022

I did not claim bankruptcy I claim consumer proposal they help me with this... read more

Jim Gabriel 3/30/2022