4.9 Stars - Based on 1446 User Reviews
4.9 Stars - Based on 1446 User Reviews

A very friendly and helpful service when you're in need, They helped me thr... read more

Rick Ringer 8/12/2022

I have had an amazing experience with Sands & Associates and I would recomm... read more

Dina Janzen 8/09/2022

I was in big trouble money wise, I heard about Sands & Associates. They set... read more

Ross Stock (Rosco) 8/02/2022

I am so greatful for Dana and the team.
I was so stressed mentally and fin...
read more

Katrina Glubrecht 7/21/2022

I needed help with my debt and called spoke to Julie. She made me feel at e... read more

Jay Shankar 7/21/2022

Sands and Associates have been so amazing and kind in helping me and my fam... read more

Sarah Verbeek 7/18/2022

Everyone who works here is unbelievably kind, understanding and informative... read more

Kierali B 7/07/2022

Amazing people to help you when your stressed to the max and going nowhere ... read more

Angel Taylor 6/24/2022

Joanne Fong was very easy to talk with very professional with empathy at th... read more

Sue Leslie 6/22/2022

marlene and dana are so helpful, they help me take away my credit stress, ... read more

Philip John Gutierrez 6/17/2022

Thanks to Cindy, Amy and Marlene, I finally have some peace of mind back in... read more

John Camp 6/13/2022

I turned to Sands & Associates for questions and advise for a family member... read more

Art Ingleby 6/10/2022