4.9 Stars - Based on 1382 User Reviews
4.9 Stars - Based on 1382 User Reviews

I was hesitant to call at first but the people at Sands were very friendly ... read more

Darren Nemeth 11/04/2021

Would definitely recommend. Thank you Marlene for all you help and understa... read more

Michelle Kovacs 11/01/2021

These past couple years have been so hard trying to catch up with my financ... read more

Magengrudzien 10/29/2021

I was really in debt and in a really bad place before I got in touch with S... read more

Chiara Paliotti 10/28/2021

Going into this, having had lots of debt and stress as a result, the Sand &... read more

Sam M 10/08/2021

David Tang " Mr. 10 I called him, he's the financial anxiety Doctor, I do n... read more

Jim Toribio 10/05/2021

I want to give a huge shout out to Sands and Associates for the help and gu... read more

Teresa Erb 9/30/2021

I can honestly admit there would be no way I could pay off my debt and than... read more

Jay Richards (My Life Philippines) 9/16/2021

Had a wonderful experience and very helpful in my journey after a divorce t... read more

Jeremy Bruce 9/11/2021

If you're struggling with debt and creditors look no further. I was so scar... read more

Michael Orban 9/09/2021

My experience with Jennifer and Marlene was impeccable. They were extremely... read more

Ryan Klak 9/08/2021

When one finds themselves in a difficult financial situation that is to muc... read more

Rick Ridler 9/08/2021