I have filed my taxes on time, paid my GST on time, paid my secured visa on time, paid myself on time and I am now working towards a secured line of credit for my business account. I even have a savings account that I make regular deposits into and I am going on my first holiday that is actually paid by cash (no credit card debt). Things are so clear now that the future goals are really believable and attainable.

Thank you for all your assistance in helping me through this process.  I was foolish, impulsive, and was immature to not be able to see the dangers of living beyond my means.  This journey was actually a blessing in disguise – I have learned a lot about myself through these 21 months

Thank you again for all your assistance, it has been very straight forward and not stressful at all.

Thank you so much for helping me take control of my life again.  You’re right – I’m a whole new person and I’ve got you to thank for empowering me!

Thank you so much for helping me find the way! Since working with you I have completed by studies, started my own company and actually started earning an income.

Thanks again for all your help, I would highly recommend yourself and the company to anyone.

My dad is doing well, and his anxiety / stress levels have gone down quite a bit since you’ve helped us. Thought I’d let you know how grateful we both are for your help.

I really appreciate your compassion and non-judgmental approach. Not to mention how straightforward and stress free you have made this process for me.