Business Proposals

A common misconception among business owners is that their options amount to bankruptcy or receivership, nothing in between.  Business owners often feel that they are at the mercy of their creditors or bank.

The reality is that a Proposal can be used to stop a receivership, bankruptcy, lawsuits and a bailiff.

Sands & Associates provides specialized financial advisory services on behalf of both creditors and debtor companies in BC.  We work with small-to-medium sized businesses to assess viability, develop restructuring plans and assist with filing proposals to creditors that can help to save an insolvent business. See our Business Proposals section for more information.

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Business Bankruptcy

If the decision is made to wind down the business, our team can assist with executing an orderly liquidation and business bankruptcy. See our Business Bankruptcy section for more information.

We are often engaged by creditors to review business operations and viability and have significant experience in receivership appointments.

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