Who We Are

Sands & Associates is British Columbia’s largest firm of licensed Proposal Administrators and Bankruptcy Trustees focused exclusively on personal and small-business insolvency services.

As Proposal Administrators and Trustees in Bankruptcy, we are the people you should call when you need a plan to deal with your debts. Founded in 1990, and operating from sixteen offices throughout British Columbia, Sands & Associates has more than 50 people available to help you resolve your financial difficulties.

What We do

We are licensed professionals, helping individuals understand their options for dealing with debt. At Sands & Associates we specialize in administering bankruptcies and proposals to both individuals and corporations. Our proposal administrators and bankruptcy trustees are licensed by the federal government to administer the legal remedies available under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, and we are proud to have a large, and growing, team of qualified insolvency counselors and insolvency estate managers.

Why We Are Different

Simply put, “our strength is our people.” We are proud to be locally owned and operated and we are committed to the communities we serve. Our team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about helping people achieve a fresh financial start. We believe that money problems can happen to anyone and we pride ourselves on our non-judgmental, empathetic approach to dealing with people.

We are not a large, national accounting firm that focuses on corporate clients and just happens to do personal bankruptcy and consumer proposals too. We believe that our focus on helping individuals and small businesses in financial difficulty sets us apart from our larger competitors and has helped us become the firm of choice within BC for consumer proposals and personal bankruptcy.

Why You Should Contact Us

Our job is to help you understand your options, and, we will do this for free. When you meet with us, you will be given clear, practical explanations of your legal options to resolve your debts. You will meet with a senior member of our team whose focus will be on understanding your situation and advising you of your legal rights.

We are approachable, experienced, and friendly. Book a free consultation today and spend some time with us to understand what you need to know about solving your financial problems.

Call 1-800-661-3030 to connect to the office nearest to you or request a free consultation online today to start the process of achieving a fresh financial start.

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