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Kamloops Bankruptcy & Debt Services

Licensed Insolvency Trustees specializing in bankruptcy and consumer proposals, servicing Kamloops, BC

Do you need help understanding and evaluating your options to get out of debt? Not sure where to turn for debt advice? Sands & Associates exists to help individuals faced with overwhelming debt achieve a debt-free future.

As Licensed Insolvency Trustees who have been providing debt help services since 1990, the experts at Sands & Associates understand just how stressful debt can be. Our qualified professionals are here to help you find real solutions to manage your debt and achieve a financial fresh start. Book your confidential free debt consultation to start working with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Kamloops.







500 Victoria Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 2B2
Located at Centrepoint on Victoria Street

Sands & Associates’ Kamloops office is located in Centrepoint Kamloops, attached to the Hotel 540. The building is located near Victoria Street and 5th Avenue, across the street from the Paramount Theatre. Metered street parking is available, as is pay parking in the lot behind Centrepoint.







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(Excluding statutory holiday weekends)


Please allow us to offer you the best service possible by calling or emailing ahead, as immediate walk-in service may be delayed. Complete telephone and video conferencing support is available during business hours.

Straight-forward, caring advice about debt solutions from reputable professionals who can get you real results.

Learn about the options you have to deal with debt including Consumer Proposals, debt consolidation and filing bankruptcy. Sands & Associates’ Kamloops debt help team is here to give you all the information you need to successfully manage your debt, and our team will offer you full support throughout the process. Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (sometimes known as a Bankruptcy Trustee) is empowered and fully government-endorsed to offer debt services to Canadians that can successfully write-off debt without bankruptcy.

Find out how Consumer Proposals can consolidate and cut virtually all debts, and if a Consumer Proposal could work for you.


Book your free consultation today to get advice from our caring, non-judgmental debt professionals in Kamloops. In less than an hour we can work with you to find a debt solution that meets all of your needs – your financial fresh start awaits!

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“I met with a trustee in early 2017, but didn’t act on a plan of bankruptcy or consumer proposal. They contacted me months later and asked if I still needed their services, and as I had been procrastinating, this was really a blessing. I have chosen to declare personal bankruptcy and my trustee made it as painless and as easy as possible for me, for which I am truly grateful. I can see it was the right thing to do, and I am glad Sands & Associates followed up with me, as putting off dealing with my debt was a great source of stress and discomfort.”



“They were very helpful in getting us out of our debt situation. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.”



“I fully endorse this company...they have been so helpful and made me feel like I was not in this financial crisis alone. They helped to take the pressure off my financial crisis.”



“Thank you for all your help. The advice was invaluable and I will certainly remember you, should I ever need your service again and I will tell my friends should they require your service.”



“Sands & Associates has given me such peace of mind! They are friendly, non-judgmental, thorough, and overall have such a great staff!! This has been a great experience and very stress relieving!”



“Sands & Assoc. were extremely helpful in getting me back on track. I have been able to focus on my life better without worrying about the financial burden that was taken care of with my consumer proposal. The staff are friendly and helpful and have always promptly answered any questions or concerns that I may have had. I recommend them if you need help dealing with your financial situation.”

Meet the Kamloops Team

Deane Gurney

CIRP, B.Sc., Lic. Acct., Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Senior Consultant

Deane Gurney has 30 years of experience practicing in the areas of personal and corporate insolvency and restructuring. Deane brings his skills and deep experience to all client sessions. Deane recognizes the stress and confusion that those facing financial difficulty often feel, and uses an empowerment-through-knowledge approach. “Whenever I’m assisting a Sands & Associates client, my goal is to educate them on their financial requirements so they are better able to function in today’s financial environment,” he says.

As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Deane’s mission is ensuring all clients receive accurate information and clear guidance that will help them move forward positively. It can be challenging for people to feel optimistic when seeking debt management and resolution help, but there is a solution for every situation. “The most important thing we do at Sands & Associates is help people resolve their financial situation so they can enjoy a financial fresh start,” says Deane.

Deane’s number one piece of advice for people seeking help with their debts:

“Trying to manage debt by yourself often makes things worse – emotionally and financially. The sooner you seek professional assistance, the sooner you will become debt-free.”

Connect with Deane today to discuss your options during a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation.

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John Manson

Estate Manager, Qualified Insolvency Counsellor

John Manson has seven years of personal insolvency experience and is dedicated to providing his Sands & Associates clients the tools they require to manage and overcome challenging financial situations. Specializing in personal insolvency, John helps clients understand the often daunting and misunderstood aspects of debt resolution. “The most important part of my job is informing people of the laws around dealing with debt and how it affects their situation,” says John.

John’s number one piece of advice for people seeking help with their debts:

“Take full advantage of the tools and information you receive from your Licensed Insolvency Trustee. The more that you put into the process, the more you can get out of it.”

Connect with John today to discuss your options during a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation.

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