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Bad Credit? Here’s What You Can Do

May 6, 2024
Are you struggling with debt or wondering what you can do to deal with a bad credit score and move forward financially? The good news is there are actions you can take to improve your financial situation and credit score. Read on to learn tips for...Read more

What Assets Can I Keep if I Declare Bankruptcy?

Dec 18, 2023
Are you struggling with unmanageable debt but worried about giving up your vehicle, RRSPs, or other assets if you declare bankruptcy? Fortunately, there are laws in place in Canada that allow you to get debt forgiveness and protection from your creditors,...Read more

How Do I Qualify for a Consumer Proposal?

Oct 16, 2023
A Consumer Proposal can allow you to consolidate and cut your personal debt – without borrowing, added interest, or professional fees. Read on to learn about the Consumer Proposal process, and whether you might qualify to file a Consumer Proposal to deal...Read more

How Do I Get a Consumer Proposal Loan?

Jul 10, 2023
Consumer Proposals are a unique solution for Canadians to consolidate and cut their debts, without needing new financing or loans. Read on to understand how filing a Consumer Proposal works, how you can finish a Consumer Proposal early – and why you should...Read more

What Can I Do to Pay Off my Debt?

May 8, 2023
Are you trying to figure out what to do about your debt, or looking for help deciding how best to pay off your debt? You are not alone! Read on to understand the different debt solutions you might consider to help you pay off your debt, and learn where BC...Read more

Is a Consumer Proposal Right for Me?

Aug 8, 2022
A unique alternative to both consolidation loans and personal bankruptcy, a Consumer Proposal is often one of the best options for Canadians to get debt relief. Read on to learn more about Consumer Proposals and whether making a Consumer Proposal could be the...Read more

10 Facts You Should Know About Consumer Proposals

May 3, 2021
Consumer Proposals are a powerful debt solution, a popular substitute to traditional consolidation loans, and Canada’s number one alternative to personal bankruptcy. Working with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee you will develop an offer to pay your creditors...Read more

3 Things You Should Know About Debt Consolidation

Oct 6, 2020
Debt consolidation is often one of the first options people consider when facing debt management decisions, especially for dealing with credit card debt. Many consumers aim for a consolidation to simplify monthly payments, and hopefully even lower the monthly...Read more

What Happens After Filing a Consumer Proposal

Aug 14, 2020
Consumer Proposals are a powerful debt management solution offered exclusively by Licensed Insolvency Trustees that can allow you to consolidate your debt legally, without borrowing or resorting to bankruptcy. Because a Consumer Proposal is not a loan, it is...Read more