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The Debt-Free Difference

Dec 4, 2023
Making debt payments month after month can seem never-ending, and being debt-free too far off to imagine. If you’re feeling frustrated with your debt, or as though you’ll never get your debt paid off – know that you are not alone in this, and that...Read more

Tips to Help Manage Your Debt Stress

Nov 4, 2020
November is Canada’s Financial Literacy Month, with this year’s 10th anniversary theme aimed at helping Canadians learn how to manage their finances in challenging times. As BC’s largest firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees focused on providing debt...Read more

Tips for Dealing with Credit Card Debt

Jun 16, 2020
Although one of the most common types of debts consumers can have – credit cards also tend to be the most problematic, that’s according to a BC Consumer Debt Study released earlier this year by Licensed Insolvency Trustees Sands & Associates. Credit...Read more

Meet Jessica, Hear her Debt-Free Success Story

Dec 27, 2019
Even debts that start off small can snowball into long-term unmanageable monthly payments and a balance that just doesn’t seem to go down, no matter how disciplined you are with making monthly payments. The worry and stress of a money problem isn’t...Read more

Meet Tammy, Hear her Debt-Free Success Story

Nov 26, 2019
Unexpected life events can make it difficult to meet financial demands, and many Canadians find themselves struggling with money problems every year. We understand that it can be difficult to take the first step of asking for help, especially if you’re used...Read more

Bankruptcy Success Story: Meet Suzanne

Nov 12, 2019
Meet Suzanne - she lives in BC’s lower mainland, owns her own home and vehicle, has a career as a self-employed financial advisor that she loves and describes herself as being financially stable. Suzanne’s journey to success hasn’t been smooth or easy,...Read more

Meet Peter, Hear his Debt-Free Success Story

Oct 23, 2019
Life events beyond our control often have serious long-term financial consequences. Despite many people’s best efforts, they’re sometimes simply unable to continue to manage their debts on their own. It’s important for consumers and business owners to...Read more

Meet Ian, Hear his Debt-Free Success Story

Sep 30, 2019
Many people wait to seek help with their debts because they’re worried there is no solution to their situation, or they fear being judged for struggling to manage their finances. The truth is that money problems can happen to anyone, and there are real...Read more

What Happens After You File Bankruptcy?

Dec 3, 2018
Many people worry that a bankruptcy will be a permanent or long-term setback. The reality is that personal bankruptcy provides a financial fresh start by eliminating debts that you may have struggled for years to manage and repay. Once your bankruptcy is...Read more