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Even debts that start off small can snowball into long-term unmanageable monthly payments and a balance that just doesn’t seem to go down, no matter how disciplined you are with making monthly payments. The worry and stress of a money problem isn’t something most people expect to face, and many feel they have nowhere to turn to for help. We believe that everyone is entitled to live without debt and its overwhelming stress.

If you are struggling with debt, know that you are not alone – there are solutions and professionals that can help you get out of debt.

Since 1990 Sands & Associates has helped people break free from the stress of debt, to move forward with their lives and goals. We are proud to support people as they take charge of their financial challenges, and are grateful for those who have shared their stories of overcoming those same obstacles, in the hope that they may inspire someone facing a similar situation to take action.

Meet Jessica and watch her tell her debt-free success story, unscripted and in her own words.

Read more about Jessica’s story:

Jessica’s introduction to credit began at the age of 18, starting with her very first credit card offer. When she was extended even more credit in addition to her student loan, a personal loan and daily costs of living, her debt began to get out of control.

“I took it, thinking it would be a good thing, thinking I could build my credit…

Initially she considered debt a normalcy of life, especially for a young adult, but she eventually became caught in a worrying and nagging pattern. “I would make a couple of decent payments on a credit card and something would come up (like the brakes on my car would go), or just something unexpected and everything would go downhill again.”

“I went to school, I got a job…and I had a career, so I didn’t see what was really wrong. I think I’m doing everything properly, but my debt was just outweighing all of it.”

Determined to persevere, Jessica often worked every day of the week, most days at two different jobs, just to make her minimum payments. “I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about my bills, thinking about how much am I gonna get paid…if there was another job I could pick up to make ends meet.” Her debts had become all-consuming, causing her to lose sleep and embarrassment about her finances led to her avoiding contact with other people, or even opening her mail.

“I just kept thinking I would get on top of it when I got my tax return, or I got a raise at work or when I started picking up extra shifts.”

Like many people, Jessica struggled to manage her debts on her own for years before making the decision to reach out for help. “…I wasn’t sure I could pay my rent…I wasn’t sure if my car payments would bounce, so that’s when I started looking for help. It took me three years to actually pull the trigger and make the call… I decided I need to do something now or I will be stuck forever.”

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Finding out that there was help, she met with Sands & Associates, leaving the office with a plan of action that gave her a sense of comfort and relief: “I felt like everything was going to change for me for the better and I could finally just relax and trust that I was in good hands.” She credits now having the right tools and resources for giving her a plan for the future.

“…someone with 53 thousand debt could actually have a light at the end of the tunnel…to pay it all off in 5 years, when I thought it would take me until I was maybe 65… I feel like a million bucks.”

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How Can Debt Counselling Help Me?

Many people are surprised to learn that there are legal solutions and debt counselling options in addition to bankruptcy that can help to settle and write-off debt. When you work with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to make a Consumer Proposal to consolidate your debt (or to file a personal bankruptcy), you’ll have support from a trained non-judgmental debt advisor throughout the process. Some of the benefits you may gain from these debt counselling processes include:

  • A free assessment of and advice about your debts and options you can pursue to better manage them from a qualified debt expert;
  • Settling virtually all types of debts, from credit cards to student loans to tax debt and more;
  • Relief from interest charges and unmanageable monthly payments with a debt settlement plan tailored to your specific situation;
  • Protecting your assets that may otherwise be at risk from creditors pursuing legal action;
  • A representative that will step into your shoes and handle inquiries from your creditors and stop collection calls, texts and letters;
  • Financial counselling sessions with a caring qualified professional that will give you tools and techniques for credit use and ratings, budgeting, savings and goal setting;
  • The opportunity to become debt-free and gain a financial fresh start.

Consumer Proposals are the number one alternative to personal bankruptcy in Canada. Meet with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to learn more about whether a Consumer Proposal could be your best debt solution.

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