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You Owe it to Yourself to Get Debt Help

May 22, 2023
Are you worried about managing debt that feels never-ending? Facing account balances that never seem to go down, no matter how many payments you make? Have you been thinking about seeking professional debt advice but been too overwhelmed or afraid to seek...Read more

4 Reasons to Get a Debt-Free Plan Today

Dec 14, 2020
The BC debt help specialists at Sands & Associates work with people across the province every day who are seeking a better way to manage their debts and get a financial fresh start. Whether it’s being unsure where to turn for answers, believing a...Read more

Knowing is Not Owing – 5 Debt Myths Dispelled

Oct 17, 2019
When it comes to debt, what you don’t know can hurt you financially. Vancouver-based Licensed Insolvency Trustee and Vice-President of Sands & Associates Blair Mantin helps people with debt solutions every day and is no stranger to giving advice and...Read more

4 Financial Professionals Everyone Should Know

May 28, 2019
Blair Mantin, Senior Vice-President of Sands & Associates and Vancouver Licensed Insolvency Trustee meets with people every day who are looking for debt help and financial expertise. He knows better than most that there are times and situations in life...Read more

4 Tips for a Stress-Free Tax Time

Mar 13, 2019
Tax season can be the best of times (if you’re getting a refund), or the worst of times (if you procrastinate filing or know you owe money). Like it or not, tax time is here! Vice-President at Sands & Associates and Vancouver Licensed Insolvency...Read more

The Cost of Being Single…

Apr 9, 2018
For the first time ever, one-person households are the most common type of living arrangement in Canada.  Because expenses are not being shared, singles are typically forced to spend more of their income on basic necessities like food and housing.  In a...Read more

CTV News at Noon: “Tips for Tax Time”

Mar 20, 2017
Vice-President of Sands & Associates and Licensed Insolvency Trustee Blair Mantin was a guest on CTV Vancouver’s ‘News at Noon’ today.  While tax time can seem intimidating to many filers (especially if you owe money), the season for tax returns is...Read more

CTV News at Noon: “Relationships & Debt”

Feb 7, 2017
Vice-President of Sands & Associates and Licensed Insolvency Trustee Blair Mantin was a guest on CTV Vancouver’s ‘News at Noon’ today.  Although finances don’t often play a part in couples Valentine’s Day plans, one in three couples do say that...Read more

Tips to Avoid a Financial Bah, Humbug!

Dec 12, 2016
Our latest holiday infographic, with seasonal spending stats and tips to keep your finances festive - well into the new year! To meet with a representative for a free, confidential consultation in one of our 17 BC offices, please contact...Read more