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Sands & Associates is proud to announce we have been recognized among BC’s best businesses, being awarded a Consumer Choice Award in the category of best Licensed Insolvency Trustees. This marks the 11th consecutive year Sands & Associates has received this prestigious award for business excellence.

“We feel strongly that debt help services should always be offered with respect, empathy and a goal to empower the individual. Receiving the Consumer Choice Award for best Abbotsford and best Vancouver Licensed Insolvency Trustee is an honour, and deeply validates the commitment and care each of our team members has in the work we do in our BC communities.

Many people feel unsure where to turn for support when dealing with a debt problem and the independent recommendation of a Consumer Choice Award provides reassurance in turning to Sands & Associates for debt relief services and resources.

To Consumer Choice Award, our incredibly dedicated staff without whom our firm would not be what it is today, and of course to the individuals across BC who put their trust in us as a partner in solving their financial challenges, we say simply and sincerely – thank you!”

– Blair Mantin, Sands & Associates President, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Established in 1987, Consumer Choice Award is Canada’s only award organization whose method of recipient selection utilizes statistically supported independent research. Award winners are chosen based on the results of in-depth evaluation and unbiased consumer opinions, identifying outstanding businesses through a comprehensive and impartial process.

About Sands & Associates BC Debt Relief Services

Sands & Associates was founded in 1990 and with an industry-leading approach to debt help focused on consumer empowerment, compassion and understanding, has grown over the years to become BC’s largest firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees focused exclusively on working with individuals and small businesses.

BC residents who are seeking support and solutions to debt consolidation options, debt forgiveness and relief, including Consumer Proposals, personal bankruptcy and more can connect directly with Sands & Associates for free, confidential, non-judgmental advice.

Our firm of qualified Licensed Insolvency Trustees, Insolvency Estate Managers and Counsellors operates from a network of local BC offices, reaching people experiencing financial distress due to debt across the entire province. Sands & Associates offers streamlined options for debt management and all our services are available in-person or remotely from the comfort and privacy of your home, including but not limited to:

Each year thousands of people across BC face financial challenges that leave them struggling with how to manage debt, but many don’t seek professional help right away because of uncertainty or worry. If you feel overwhelmed because of your debt or are concerned you may soon face an urgent debt problem, please know that you are not alone – and there are solutions to help you overcome these debt problems for good.

Everyone deserves to live without debt and its overwhelming stress, and Sands & Associates’ caring qualified debt relief professionals are here to help you.

Get started with a debt-free plan that’s right for you, your debt-free future could be closer than you ever thought possible. Book your free debt consultation with Sands & Associates today, our network of local BC offices is here to serve you with virtual and in-person services.