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Sands & Associates is pleased to announce we are adding to our local office network in the Thompson-Okanagan region with the opening of our newest office in Penticton. Since 1990 Sands & Associates has served a network of local offices across the province and helped thousands of people get a financial fresh start and become debt-free.

Whether you are looking for solutions to better manage your debts, need advice about comparing debt consolidation options or are seeking bankruptcy services, the caring team of debt experts at Sands & Associates is here to help you.

How Does Sands & Associates Approach Debt Help?

Many people find themselves struggling to pay off their debts despite their best efforts, intentions and having taken the “right steps”. We truly believe that money problems can happen to anyone and that debt is a problem like any other – and more importantly, it has solutions.

We understand that many people feel frustrated that they’ve been working so hard to get out of debt to no avail, that others are worried about being judged, and that some people are completely overwhelmed by their financial pressures. You are not alone – we’re here to help you.

Sands & Associates takes a supportive approach to debt help. It is our goal to understand your situation and goals and work with you to assess your options. Once you have all the information about your potential solutions you will then be in a more advantageous position to move forward and make an informed decision about your financial future. Knowing is not owing!

Meet Sands & Associates’ Penticton Debt Advisors:

Raj Hara, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

“We can’t control what happened in the past, but we can help you understand where you’re at today so you can move towards your goals.”

Raj Hara is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and Senior Vice-President of Sands & Associates. He encourages his clients to ask as many questions as they need in order to feel comfortable with the debt solution they choose and feel confident in working towards a future free from the stress of debt.

Andrew Smith, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

“Asking for help can feel overwhelming, but with the right team, knowledge and support the solutions will feel great.”

Andrew Smith is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee who aims to provide information and support to his clients with a straight-forward and friendly approach. His goal is to make his clients feel comfortable and welcome when seeking advice from Sands & Associates.

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How Can a Licensed Insolvency Trustee Help Me?

Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only debt management professional legally endorsed and empowered by the Federal Government in Canada to provide debt help. Working together with qualified Insolvency Estate Managers, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can offer you advice about how to deal with your debt and provide several solutions including Consumer Proposals (a specialized type of debt consolidation) and bankruptcy services.

The Licensed Insolvency Trustees at Sands & Associates focus exclusively on helping individuals and small businesses get out of debt. Unlike other types of debt settlement agencies or credit counsellors, we can help you consolidate and cut virtually all types of debt, including debts from:

  • Credit cards;
  • Overdrafts and lines of credit;
  • Payday loans;
  • Income taxes, GST, payroll debt;
  • Student loans (government and private);
  • Vehicle financing;
  • Mortgage shortfalls.

Licensed Insolvency Trustees offer confidential debt consultations to discuss your situation free of charge – you are under no obligation to work with us and we can help you learn about all the options available to you to better manage your debt.

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What’s the Difference Between Consolidation Loans and a Consumer Proposal?

Debt consolidation loans through a bank or other lender simply shift your debt and interest charges from several borrowers to one. Although you may get relief by way of a consistent payment schedule and better interest rate, because you must repay the full amount with interest your monthly payments may still be high. Debt consolidation loans can also be difficult to qualify for if your credit is already over-extended, or you don’t have a co-signer or asset to allow the bank to hold as security for your loan.

A Consumer Proposal is not a loan – it is a legal debt settlement tool that allows you to consolidate your debts and repay the portion you can afford, your creditors will write-off the remaining portion of the debts, stop charging interest and will not contact you for payment. Instead of paying 100% of your debt plus ongoing interest, with a Consumer Proposal you may only need to repay as little as 20-50% of your balance today, with zero interest or additional fees.

Learn About Consumer Proposals

It’s important to know that only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help you file a Consumer Proposal, and no referral is needed to meet to discuss whether a Consumer Proposal could be the right solution for you.

Where Can I Get Assistance Filing Personal Bankruptcy?

If you are considering filing personal bankruptcy to get debt relief and forgiveness, the first step is to meet with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

You may have options open to you besides bankruptcy which we will help you explore. If you decide that personal bankruptcy is the best solution to your situation, we will work with you through the process. You’ll get immediate relief from your debt and any collection action you may be experiencing.

Bankruptcy is a legal process that is often misunderstood and many people have concerns about how bankruptcy will impact them. Most people will only be “in bankruptcy” for nine months from start to finish and keep all their assets. Bankruptcy can be an opportunity to move on with a financial fresh start, and it is possible to get new credit in future and meet future financial goals you may have.

Book your confidential free debt consultation in Penticton today – your debt-free future is waiting. Click here to see a full list of our local BC offices and find a Sands & Associates location near you.