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5 Ways to Beat Financial Stress

Aug 27, 2012
Financial stress — it can be a vicious cycle, really.  From life events (divorce, illness or job loss) to life lessons (overspending, poor budgeting), debts and other financial responsibilities can really pile up.  Once the stress starts many people wind...Read more

Consumer Proposals – Your Questions Answered

Jul 23, 2012
If you’re new to the realm of debt resolution options, or you feel the need to replenish your financial memory banks, there may just be some fogginess as to what exactly a Consumer Proposal is.  Read ahead for some assistance in clearing the air around...Read more

Quick Sands Tip of the Week: Automatic Savings

May 14, 2012
Join Sands & Associates each week (for about 60 seconds) and catch a Quick Sands tip of the week to help guide you to better financial management. This week's financial tip is about automatic savings.  Contributing to your savings should be a top...Read more

Spring-Clean your Monthly Expenses

Apr 10, 2012
As the days get lighter and the weather (hopefully) improves, there’s less and less doubt about it – spring is here!  Like most people, you’ve probably accumulated a list of springtime to-do’s around the house throughout the winter.  But don’t...Read more

4 Ways to Help Your (Financial) Holiday Hangover

Jan 18, 2012
It’s been more than two full weeks since your New Year’s resolutions have come into play, or so you hope. How’s your holiday hangover? If you’re still struggling with the same financial setbacks that keep you down year after year, or you just don’t...Read more

Nine Signs You Can’t Afford a Mortgage

May 18, 2011
Referenced below is an interesting article from Investopedia that highlights a number of warning signs that we see quite often when people meet with us for an initial consultation.  With the significant run-up in house prices in the Lower Mainland in recent...Read more