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So you find yourself in want (or possibly in need) of some extra cash.  Picking up more hours at work or signing up for your neighbour’s pyramid scheme aside, here are some thoughts on how to find a little extra room in your budget:

Sell Stuff You Don’t Need:  Every household has ‘em – those items kicking around that you just don’t use or need anymore.  Well, time to turn that once-used juicer, those extra tools and even those unredeemed gift cards into cash.  Valuable-but-no-longer-used items (including your action figure collection) can be sold through eBay, online ads, or consignment stores; a yard sale can take care of the rest.  You may not get back the face value of items but, if they’re not being used, at least you know the cash will be.  The trick to this one is not to expect all the money to come in at once. Selling an assortment of items will take some time.

Get a Paper Route/Find Odd Jobs:  The days of helpful neighbourhood teenagers and “little Bobby” throwing you your morning paper are generally gone, but the niches for them aren’t.  If you know how to make repairs, clean a home or do basic yardwork you can earn some fast cash from jobs such as these, often with no output costs.  If you enjoy a daily walk or have a reliable vehicle, get in touch with your local newspaper to find delivery routes that might be available in your neighbourhood.  Carrier positions may need to be filled on a temporary or even long-term basis and can garner extra income.

Return Purchases:  Bought something you didn’t really need?  Take it back!  Got it home and it didn’t fit or work quite right?  Take it back!  Returnable items that are unopened and unused may get you back the full price.  If an exchange or store credit is offered instead, it’s still good to have if the store carries items you will actually need.

Rent Out Your Extra Parking Spot:  Here’s one for the city folk, especially.  If you’ve got a spare parking space at your house or apartment, rent it out.  If you live near a popular location and charge less than a commercial parking lot you may be able to find an occupier for the time the space is normally vacant, even if only during specified hours.  In cities where parking is at a premium and the costs are high, many people seek alternative parking options. If renting, just be sure to check your sublease agreements.

Whether you’re aiming to pocket some cash for an extra payment on that debt, saving for your goal holiday or that necessary home improvement – let’s face it – in addition to the regularly earned bread who doesn’t love a little extra gravy?!

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