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We Help With Debt – 30 Years and Counting

Jun 8, 2020
In early 2020 Sands & Associates reached a new milestone in their longstanding history as a firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees dedicated to debt help services in BC - our 30-year anniversary. As we celebrate this important milestone, we would like to...Read more

5 Free Debt Management Resources

May 12, 2020
Each year thousands of consumers across the province seek professional debt help solutions from Licensed Insolvency Trustees, Canada’s only government-endorsed debt management professional. For most of these people, knowing what debt management resources...Read more

5 Myths about Tax Debt

Mar 10, 2020
Although Canada Revenue Agency states that 9 out of 10 individuals who owe tax pay it on time, that still leaves a large number of Canadians carrying tax debt every year – adding up to billions in tax debt outstanding. With this year’s tax season upon...Read more