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Keeping Your Assets Covered

Sep 15, 2014
Whether it’s your home, your car, your furniture or even your winning personality, we’ve all got assets.  Most of us also have some debts.  Quite often when people fall into financial trouble they first consider using what assets they have as a way to...Read more

Statute of Limitations and Debts in BC

Jul 21, 2014
A group of debt experts from across the country including Blair Mantin, Vice-President and Licensed Insolvency Trustee at Sands & Associates in British Columbia, and Maritimes-based Licensed Insolvency Trustee Scott Marshall of Allan Marshall &...Read more

A Mid-Year Financial Check-Up

Jul 7, 2014
Click the above infographic to enlarge. We're about halfway through the calendar year now and it's a great time to check in on your financial affairs! To arrange a free and confidential consultation to discuss your debt resolution options in one of...Read more

Trustee in Bankruptcy Basics

Jun 23, 2014
If you’re considering meeting with a bankruptcy trustee about your debts you probably have a lot of questions about what a trustee does. If you’ve never even heard of a bankruptcy trustee or Consumer Proposal administrator there’s probably even more...Read more

Troubleshooting Your Budget

Jun 9, 2014
Whether the goal of your budget is to save up, pay debt down or mange regular expenses, the idea is the same – it needs to function well – blindly spending doesn’t work for long.  If your budget just isn’t doing the trick we’ve put together some...Read more

Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Debt

Jun 2, 2014
If you’re taking the plunge and are preparing to deal with your debts head on – kudos!  Tackling financial challenges is often an area many people avoid until they can’t possibly ignore it any longer.  When it comes to debt strategies here are a few...Read more

Budget Boosters

May 12, 2014
Hate budgeting?  Think watching dollars is a real drag?  Get on good terms with your budget with our top 7 ‘Budget Booster’ tips: Schedule a financial check-up.  When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart with your finances?  If it’s been...Read more

5 Things you Didn’t Know about Bankruptcy

Apr 7, 2014
If you’re researching bankruptcy in BC you’ll find an overwhelming amount of available information, whether it’s from the internet, friends and family or even a financial advisor. Unfortunately, it won’t all be true… A lot of people tend to make up...Read more

Tax Debt Tips

Mar 24, 2014
Your slips are all in, the forms compiled and submitted and you’re waiting for the bottom line.  A triumph for those expecting money back, or a nerve-wracking wait for those with a bill – yes, it’s tax time!  If you’re in the category of people who...Read more