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Guest Blog: Holiday Décor on a Budget- Part I

Dec 9, 2013
Love the look of designer trees but loathe the costs?  Want to ‘Wow’ your guests this year without breaking the bank?  Check out our special guest blog for tips on stunning holiday décor from design and décor pro Melissa Laithwaite: Designer trees...Read more

O’ Holiday Budget

Nov 25, 2013
Our newest infographic, with holiday spending stats and tips to keep your financial health this season! (Click the above infographic to enlarge) To arrange a free and confidential debt consultation to discuss your debt resolution options in one of our...Read more

Shedding Light on Black Friday

Nov 4, 2013
The American-based trend of "Black Friday" has exploded across Canada as retailers attempt to keep shoppers from spending over the border... (Click the Infographic to enlarge.) To arrange a free and confidential debt consultation to discuss your debt...Read more

But what about my Credit Score?

Oct 21, 2013
Concerns about credit reports and credit scores are very common worries that people mention.  Despite the fact that their debts are causing stress, some individuals are more focused on what the credit bureau thinks of them than what they are facing (often on...Read more

Apps for Budgeting

Sep 23, 2013
As more and more of us embrace the technological with a variety of hand-held devices, the ease of creating a portable budget is increasing.  For the diligent budgeter gone is the need to store paper receipts to be sifted through when calculating your...Read more

Life After Bankruptcy: What to Expect

Jul 15, 2013
A very common question from people entering into bankruptcy is “What happens after bankruptcy?”  Once you’ve completed your required bankruptcy duties and have received a discharge you may be concerned about a few areas around your finances.  To help...Read more

How to Build a Budget

Jul 2, 2013
If you’re a regular reader of our Sands & Associates blog you may have noticed a frequently recurring suggestion: budgeting. Whether you’re already debt free or are trying to get there, having a budget that works is one of the keys to financial...Read more