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What Happens After Filing a Consumer Proposal

Aug 14, 2020
Consumer Proposals are a powerful debt management solution offered exclusively by Licensed Insolvency Trustees that can allow you to consolidate your debt legally, without borrowing or resorting to bankruptcy. Because a Consumer Proposal is not a loan, it is...Read more

Credit Cards: Before, During and After Bankruptcy

Jul 20, 2020
As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, every day we help people achieve a financial fresh start free from the burden of debt. Although there are many types of debts that Licensed Insolvency Trustees can help individuals and businesses resolve, one of the most...Read more

What To Do If You Think You Have a Debt Problem

Jul 7, 2020
As BC’s largest firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees focused exclusively on debt solutions for individuals, Sands & Associates has helped tens of thousands of consumers get a financial fresh start over the past 30 years. Although there are sometimes...Read more

Tips for Dealing with Credit Card Debt

Jun 16, 2020
Although one of the most common types of debts consumers can have – credit cards also tend to be the most problematic, that’s according to a BC Consumer Debt Study released earlier this year by Licensed Insolvency Trustees Sands & Associates. Credit...Read more

We Help With Debt – 30 Years and Counting

Jun 8, 2020
In early 2020 Sands & Associates reached a new milestone in their longstanding history as a firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees dedicated to debt help services in BC - our 30-year anniversary. As we celebrate this important milestone, we would like to...Read more