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Terrace Bankruptcy & Debt Services

Licensed Insolvency Trustees specializing in bankruptcy and consumer proposals, servicing Terrace, BC

Does it sometimes feel as though you’ll never become debt-free?

We’ve helped thousands of British Columbians who used to feel the same way – and we are here to help you get your financial fresh start.

You have debt management options that can allow you to consolidate, cut, or write-off virtually all of your debts. Book your confidential free debt consultation to connect with a Terrace Licensed Insolvency Trustee and understand the solutions available to you. Our caring debt help experts are here to help you assess your situation, understand your options, and support you in your debt-free goals.







3224 Kalum Street
Terrace, BC V8G 2N1

Sands & Associates' Terrace office is located in the Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce.

Free street parking is available near the building, which is located at the corner of Lakelse Avenue and Kalum Street.







Monday: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Tuesday: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Wednesday: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Thursday: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

(Excluding statutory holiday weekends)


At this time our offices are practicing social distancing and may not be available for in-person service. Please join us in supporting your health, and the health of our staff by calling or emailing instead - we are available via telephone and video conferencing to assist you.

We believe our straight-forward and supportive approach allows our clients to move towards success from a position of strength and personal empowerment. We provide debt help without judgment - it’s that simple.

Deciding which debt solution is right for you can seem overwhelming – Sands & Associates Licensed Insolvency Trustees will take the time to work with you to understand your unique situation, assess your options, and help you develop a plan to be debt-free. There is no cost to get advice from a Sands & Associates debt expert and our free consultations are confidential. If you are in the Terrace region our qualified representatives can even work with you remotely from the comfort and convenience of your home.


Book your free consultation today to get advice from our caring, non-judgmental debt professionals in Terrace. In less than an hour we can work with you to find a debt solution that meets all of your needs – your financial fresh start awaits!

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"I have had a very positive experience with Sands and Associates and they have been very professional and knowledgeable. They helped me alleviate a tremendous amount of stress after being injured at work and no longer being able to make payments on credit cards. I highly recommend Sands and Associates."



"Excellent service and great staff who are always there to help, even through these hard times. Would definitely recommend if you are having financial issues."



"I was in debt, struggling to manage payments to multiple creditors. Sands & Associates is a very helpful consolidation service that put a stop to the struggle; providing the tools and guidance some of us need and require during stressful financial times. Definitely worth acquiring more information if you have not already."



"Helpful and kind in a super stressful situation. They made sure I understood all my options and spent the time making sure I understood. Highly recommend!"



"My experience with Sands and Associates was amazing. The staff are so supportive and helpful, especially for me, since I have never done anything like this before. Debt management is like unchartered waters, and I appreciate the help they have provided. When I signed the papers for my consumer proposal, I felt a huge weight lift off me. My debt is now manageable, and I can save money."



"I am a retired senior citizen. I found myself burdened with an unwieldy debt load. I reached out to my creditors several times to establish a payment schedule and was either rebuffed or ignored every time. In desperation I reached out to Sands & Associates. To be honest, I was embarrassed that I couldn't pay my bills but the professionalism and respect that I encountered at Sands & Associates soon put me at ease. It's truly a relief to have my life back."

Meet the Terrace Team

Blair Mantin

CMC, CIRP, President of Sands & Associates, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Blair Mantin specializes in consumer insolvency and strategies for debt resolution. With 15 years of experience, Blair helps individuals and organizations facing challenging financial situations navigate the often overwhelming, and sometimes confusing, world of insolvency. While each person’s situation is unique, his approach remains the same: “Let’s take the shame and despair away from being in debt – it’s a problem like any other, and it has a solution that works just about every time.”

As Sands & Associates President, Blair says the most important aspect of his job is empowering clients with information about their options to become debt free. “My job is to ‘level the playing field’ from a knowledge perspective – by providing individuals with the insights they really need to resolve their situation, they are able to move forward from a position of strength,” he says.

Blair’s number one piece of advice for people seeking help with their debts:

“Never, never pay for debt advice, and be careful about who you take advice from. Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee will give you the straight goods at absolutely no cost to you.”

Connect with Blair today to discuss your options during a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation.

Contact Blair to set up your appointment.

Cindy Wallas

Estate Manager, Qualified Insolvency Counsellor

With more than 15 years of experience, Cindy Wallas works with individual and corporate clients to resolve their debt issues. Cindy is currently enrolled in the CAIRP (Trustee) Qualification Program. Recognizing that debt management requires thorough understanding of resolution options, Cindy offers comprehensive insight and guidance, and encourages clients to take their time. “My main goal when it comes to assisting clients is to make them feel comfortable and give them as much time and information as they need to make their decision,” says Cindy.

Cindy’s number one piece of advice for people seeking help with their debts:

“Once you deal with your past debt and past financial issues, you can look towards the future with excitement and optimism.”

Connect with Cindy today to discuss your options during a free, confidential, one-on-one consultation.

Contact Cindy to set up your appointment.