Review Your Financial Situation

If you’re unable to make more than minimum monthly payments on your debts, rely on credit to meet your monthly expenses, or are being harassed by creditors, please know that there are options available to you. You can move forward without debt.

A Licensed Insolvency Trustee will work with you to evaluate your current financial standing. Many people feel anxious about contacting an advisor about their debts. At Sands & Associates, we are here to help you manage your situation – judgement free. We’ll start our conversation by asking you about your financial goals. For most people we work with, their goal is to become debt-free.

A Licensed Insolvency Trustee is your best ally and the only professional who is qualified to advise you on all of your options to achieve a financial fresh start. The first step is to meet with us to assess your situation – no jargon or confusion – just clear, practical advice.

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Fill in the amounts below to calculate your debt ratio using our Debt Assessment Tool.

Monthly Debt Payments

  1. Enter how much you currently pay towards credit card debt per month.
  2. Enter how much you currently pay towards student loan debt per month.
  3. Enter how much you currently pay towards your vehicle lease or loan per month.
  4. Enter how much you currently pay for rent per month.
  5. Enter how much you currently pay for spousal or child support per month.
  6. Enter how much you currently pay for out-of-pocket medical costs per month.
  7. Monthly Income

  8. Enter your monthly net (after tax) income.
  9. Enter any other monthly income you receive (ie Child Tax Benefits, Child or Spousal support).

Your debt ratio:

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