Sands & Associates is proud to be recognized as best in class. 2018 marks the seventh year in a row that we have received the Consumer Choice Award (CCA) for business excellence. We could not be more thrilled or humbled by this recognition. As British Columbia’s largest personal and small business insolvency services firm, our greatest sense of reward comes from helping individuals and business owners overcome their debts and achieve debt-free futures. This award symbolizes our commitment to our clients.

Unlike other business-related accolades, CCA distinction cannot be bought – it must be honestly earned through dedication, hard work and superior customer service. Why is this important to note? Because if you are looking for assistance, seeking advice from qualified, licensed professionals who you can trust is the critical first step.

The CCA determines recipients through a comprehensive four step process:

  1. Companies are selected by CCA or nominated for consideration by outside parties. CCA then determines categories that matter to consumers and are applicable across all industries (e.g., How often do people use this service?”).
  2. CCA employs a systematic methodology whereby it compiles key qualitative and quantitative data about the organization it is evaluating, in relation to the categories determined in Step 1. Market surveys, industry records, and industry directories are a few of the many sources used.
  3. This phase of the process involves gathering and analyzing all online information about the business, including customer reviews and satisfaction data. Social media websites, like Facebook, and review-focused websites, like YELP and Trip Advisor, are scraped to glean insight into real customer sentiment and customer experience.
  4. The final step is the culmination of the previous three steps, plus two key resources: SSI New Market Research Survey and Consumer Choice Award Marketing Pulse Surveys. These resources allow CCA to confidently rank the nominated businesses and conclude whether they are worthy to be the top ranked company in their industry and location.

Managing a challenging financial situation can feel overwhelming, confusing, and even hopeless. You need not add to your stress by feeling uncertain about who to turn to for resolving your debts. Choose the organization that has been consistently recognized as Vancouver consumers’ choice.

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