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How to Start Saving

May 6, 2013
Maybe you’ve read the news stories about how few Canadians currently have savings, or you’ve decided to accumulate savings as part of an overdue New Year’s resolution.  Whatever the reason, having savings has major benefits — and here are some easy...Read more

Guest Blog: Eating Healthy on a Budget

Jan 21, 2013
January already ... the calendars have been changed and the time for acting on our good intentions for the year is here!  Improving health and diet as well as finances are typically high on Canadians’ New Year’s resolution lists; statistically, however,...Read more

Kicking the Post-Holiday Financial Blues

Jan 7, 2013
The merriment of the holidays has passed and if you found that your wallet was hit harder than your diet (even with all that eggnog), read on for some ways to make a new financial start this year: Brew a fresh Budget:  If your festivities got the better...Read more

Guest Blog: A Low Cost Christmas

Dec 10, 2012
Celebrating Christmas without breaking the bank account – is it actually possible? Our Quebecois friends at Pierre Roy & Associates, advisors in financial restructuring and bankruptcy trustees, have shared a few tips with us to limit the consequences of...Read more

How to Resist the Impulse Buy

Dec 3, 2012
Oh, the impulse to buy — so hard to resist.  And apparently the majority of us don’t.  According to a recent Bank of Montreal survey, 59 per cent of people admitted to impulse shopping, done mostly to cheer themselves up.   If you frequently make...Read more

Grown-Up Kids Meet Money

Nov 26, 2012
Shipping kids off on their own:  the day many parents love and loathe, both counting the days to and reminiscing about how fast it all went.  Since money management is a huge part of flying solo we’ve shared a few thoughts to consider when you pass along...Read more

Financial Survival Tips for the Holiday Season

Nov 19, 2012
With the constant talk about personal debt levels and the economy, a looming holiday season may be the last thing a lot of Canadians want to think about.  Like it or not, that time of year will be upon us before you know it!  If the thought of the upcoming...Read more

Teens and Their Dollars

Sep 17, 2012
If you’ve got a teen (or pre-teen) under your roof, you’ve likely noticed that besides a scarcity of food, what was once a sufficient allowance or financial life lesson for Junior (i.e. “do your chores, don’t spend it all at the candy shop”)...Read more