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Carrying too much debt or feeling debt-stressed can have a huge influence on our lives. As Licensed Insolvency Trustees we meet with people seeking debt help every day and we understand that life events out of our control can and do happen, and these often have an impact on our day-to-day finances, our financial future, and even our general outlook on life. We also understand that asking for professional debt help can feel overwhelming; we are here to help you gain control of your situation and get out of debt for good. There is a solution to your debt problem and we can help you find it – together.

Founded in 1990, Sands & Associates Licensed Insolvency Trustees expanded their professional debt management services to Victoria in 2014 and we are proud to provide more British Columbia residents with debt relief services, including debt consolidation, Consumer Proposals, and personal bankruptcy than ever before.

Meet the caring professionals of Sands & Associates’ debt-help team in Victoria:

What Clients are Saying About Working with Sands & Associates:

“Stephanie Munsie was more than helpful. She gave me honest good guidance and my life has taken a turn for the better.” – Deandra

“I was nervous about the process and Jennifer Thom was amazing and helpful! Thank you for not making me feel bad about the Consumer Proposal.” – Karol

“The trustee was very sympathetic and reassuring. Before meeting her using the company’s free initial visit policy, I had become extremely concerned about my financial situation. I no longer have sleepless nights.” – John

How to Get Debt Help

Many people explore professional debt help when they want to manage their debts more efficiently or cut their monthly expenses. There is more than one solution that works to consolidate debts, and the best option will depend on your unique situation and debt management needs.

Getting help with debt from a Licensed Insolvency Trustee allows you to evaluate your options with an unbiased professional, and access specialized legal debt solutions. This is because Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only professional recognized, endorsed and overseen by the Federal Government to help consumers and businesses with debt.

When you have questions about debt management a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can often give you a full plan of action in under an hour. Some of the options that will be discussed with you in detail during your free debt consultation with Sands & Associates include:

More About Sands & Associates

A multi-year Consumer Choice Award winner, Sands & Associates has grown since 1990 to become BC’s Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm of choice. We believe our non-judgmental and empathetic approach sets us apart from other debt relief providers and gives our clients the best care and support.

Get advice from a friendly local debt expert now. Meet with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee located in our Victoria office at Blanshard and Yates in the BC Ferries Building to explore Consumer Proposals, debt consolidation and other debt relief solutions.

Your debt-free future is waiting! Book your free confidential debt consultation in Victoria, or any of our 17 BC locations today.