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Sands & Associates’ Vancouver office is located in the heart of downtown, and our professional team is available five days a week to help individuals and small businesses with their debt solution needs.

Licensed Insolvency Trustee Blair Mantin together with Estate Managers Darlene Mullen, Ashley Gharlay and Judy Keu have been administering debt solutions, including Consumer Proposals, in Vancouver for over 30 years combined.

Meet our team:

Our diversely-experienced team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees, Estate Managers and Insolvency Counsellors located in downtown Vancouver are here to help you, with advice and facts about debt consolidation, debt settlement, Consumer Proposals and more.

More about Sands & Associates:

Founded in 1990 and now operating from a network of local offices throughout BC – Sands & Associates are multi-year Consumer Choice Award winners who can provide individuals and small businesses with real solutions to debt.  As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, we are the people who can legally shield you from your creditors when you need a plan to deal with your debts.

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