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Founded in 1990, Sands & Associates has grown over the years to become BC’s largest firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees focused exclusively on debt help services for individuals. More than 30 years later, Sands & Associates is helping more people than ever before and we are pleased to announce the opening of our newest office location in Prince George.

Our award-winning team of debt help professionals is proud to serve BC residents and committed to our firm-wide emphasis on providing real solutions with a supportive and empowering approach. We sincerely believe a money problem can happen to anyone and feel our non-judgmental and caring attitude gives our clients the best experience and outcome possible.

“Debt Smart with Heart” – Sands & Associates’ friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help you.

Legal consolidation and debt forgiveness solutions can be prepared and served to your creditors online – get started today with your free non-judgmental consultation.

How Can a Licensed Insolvency Trustee Help Me to Get Out of Debt?

If you are struggling with paying off debt, unsure what to do about a debt, or simply want to get out of debt faster, you would benefit from working with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Licensed Insolvency Trustees specialize in debt management and have the complete expertise needed to help you get through whatever financial challenges you are facing – including, but not limited to:

  • General debt advice for personal debts such as credit cards, income tax debt, student loans and more
  • Insolvency advice for small businesses
  • Assessing your personal financial situation with a qualified professional
  • Answering questions about debt and/or addressing concerns regarding specific creditors
  • Explaining all the debt management options available to you, including the pros and cons of each
  • Calculating and offering a debt settlement proposal to your creditors
  • Personal (and business) bankruptcy services

In Canada only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is legally empowered by both Federal and Provincial governments to assist people in managing virtually all types of debt and Licensed Insolvency Trustees have the authority to help you even if you are facing serious action such as a wage garnishment or asset seizure.

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Unlike some other organizations or credit specialists, when you turn to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee you can rest assured you are getting reliable and trustworthy debt advice from a professional who has been granted specific and unmatched authority in their field of expertise.

How do Bankruptcies Work in Canada?

Many people who are facing a stressful financial situation worry about what happens when you declare bankruptcy. Fortunately, in Canada the bankruptcy process is quite private and straight-forward – generally nowhere near as bad as people fear it might be.

In most situations, personal bankruptcy in BC:

  • Lasts for 9 months until you are discharged (released) from bankruptcy
  • Allows you to keep your assets, as well as protect them from creditors
  • Costs $2,700 total
    • Sands & Associates will generally break this into an affordable payment plan for you

There is no need for you to seek permission from your creditors or a court to declare bankruptcy. If your situation has left you unable to repay a meaningful amount of your debt it is your right to seek the protection of personal bankruptcy legislation. You can connect directly with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee for free to explore whether filing bankruptcy may be right for you – no referral or up-front fee is required.

Many people who initially think declaring personal bankruptcy is their only option to resolve a financial problem actually avoid bankruptcy by instead working with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to file a Consumer Proposal.

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How Can I Consolidate Debt with Poor Credit?

Debt consolidation can be an effective strategy to help get control over debt and streamline debt payments. Unfortunately, as many people discover, consolidation loans can be difficult to qualify for without a high credit score, asset to pledge or co-signer to back you – and often come with high monthly payments. For Canadians however, there is a better way to consolidate debt than with a costly loan or unmanageable borrowing terms.

Consumer Proposals are a unique type of debt consolidation that allow you to consolidate almost any type of debt (including government debts like taxes and student loans) without borrowing or paying interest. Since no borrowing is taking place, your credit score is not a consideration in the Consumer Proposal eligibility process.

Consumer Proposals can be used to solve a number of debt solution goals including allowing you to:

  • Consolidate virtually all debt with no interest charges or additional costs
    • Interest being charged by your creditors will automatically be stopped
  • Make a “deal” to get a portion of your debt written-off and forgiven by creditors (by up to 70% or more!)
  • Substantially reduce your monthly debt payment
  • Stop ongoing contact or harassment from creditors

To access a Consumer Proposal in BC you will need to connect with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Once you have chosen a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to work with, they will help you throughout the process, from drafting up a reasonable offer of settlement that you can afford, to dealing with your creditors on your behalf. It could take less than an hour to come up with a Consumer Proposal to deal with all your debts and achieve a financial fresh start.

Learn more about your options and get debt advice, professional support and more. Connect with a local Sands & Associates representative today to get started with a plan to be debt-free. Book your free confidential consultation here.