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With a network of local offices throughout BC, when you need debt help – Sands & Associates is here for you. Our award-winning firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees has been providing legal debt solutions to individuals and small businesses since 1990, and our knowledgeable, compassionate staff are committed to each and every person who turns to us for answers.

We believe that debt problems can happen to anyone, regardless of careful planning. We focus on your goals and how we can help you become debt-free. You may have several options that can get you out of debt and we will review all of these debt management options together with you in a caring, straight-forward and professional way.

Previously known as Trustees in Bankruptcy (or Bankruptcy Trustees), Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only debt professionals endorsed and empowered by the Canadian government to help people write off debt, whether choosing to consolidate debt through making a Consumer Proposal, or instead filing for bankruptcy. The key to becoming debt-free is in knowing what options exist, and their pros and cons based on your situation. Knowing is not owing, and our staff will help guide you through the process!

Meet Licensed Insolvency Trustee Blair Mantin and Estate Manager & Qualified Insolvency Counsellor Marlene Byrne from Sands & Associates’ Maple Ridge Office:


Real Client Reviews | Sands & Associates Maple Ridge

“I consulted with 3 Trustees prior to deciding. Marlene showed more empathy and patience than the other 2 combined. Easy decision!”

“Awesome team and Blair Mantin made me feel so comfortable in an otherwise stressful time of my life. Thank you again.”

“Once I got over my initial fears of speaking in frank about my debt, going to Sands quickly became a rewarding experience. Blair was both sincere and considerate and wasted no time in creating a proposal that would better my situation. I will strongly recommend Sands in the future – it was not as scary as I thought, and I am all the better for it.”

“Marlene was absolutely amazing. Made us feel comforted and reassured.”

Get your financial fresh start with help from Sands & Associates – book your confidential free debt consultation in Maple Ridge today!