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Are you looking for help managing your debts? Wondering where to turn for professional debt advice? At Sands & Associates we can help you clear your debts and get a financial fresh start.

As Licensed Insolvency Trustees we are professionals empowered by the federal government to help consumers and businesses when they need help with debt. Whether you’re just starting to consider making a plan of action to get out of debt, or experiencing the stress of overdue accounts or collection action – there is a way to move forward, we’ll help you find your ideal solution.

With a network of local offices throughout the province, Sands & Associates proudly serves residents in the heart of the Okanagan Valley through our Kelowna office, located in the Landmark Centre.

Meet the team at Sands & Associates Kelowna:

Working with Sands & Associates Vice-President and Licensed Insolvency Trustee Raj Hara in our Kelowna office are Licensed Insolvency Trustee Andrew Smith and Estate Manager Ashley Gharlay.

Our team in Kelowna are committed to providing debt help to individuals and small businesses in an approachable, friendly manner. We know legal debt solutions can appear complex and we aim to break down these options in a way that is easy to understand; we’re here to help you through the process.

What clients are saying about working with Sands & Associates:

“I chose Sands to help get my ongoing financial troubles resolved. They are so very helpful and let me decide how and when to move forward. No pressure, just sound advice. The threatening calls have stopped and now I can concentrate on paying down the principal on debt load.” – Robert

“Fast, efficient, friendly service. Understanding staff that answered all my questions and worked towards a reasonable, fast result in a difficult time.” – Candice 

We were very impressed with Ashley who worked hard, was fastidious and formed a trusting alliance with us from the start. She was timely in responses and reassuring as we moved through a nerve-wracking process.” – Loralee

More about Sands & Associates

Founded in 1990, Sands & Associates has helped thousands of British Columbians implement life changing debt solutions to get a financial fresh start. Our firm has grown over the years to a network of local BC offices and we believe our focus on client service has helped us become the trusted firm of choice in the province.

Get debt help in Kelowna by working with a qualified professional from Sands & Associates.

Book your free debt consultation to learn more about debt consolidation, Consumer Proposals or personal bankruptcy, or visit one of our BC office locations.