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Sands & Associates, British Columbia’s largest firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees focused on debt services for individuals and small businesses, is proud to announce an addition to our local office network in the Kootenay’s region with the opening of our newest office in Cranbrook. Since its inception in 1990 Sands & Associates has grown to an award-winning network of local offices across the province, serving residents throughout BC.

As industry leaders within the debt help sector, Sands & Associates takes a supportive approach to assisting people in resolving their financial challenges and we believe our emphasis on creating a non-judgmental, empathetic and supportive experience has helped set us apart from other debt help providers in the province.

Learn more about Sands & Associates services for BC residents and small businesses.

What Qualifications do Sands & Associates Debt Help Professionals Hold?

Unlike many other types of debt help providers where no qualifiers are required, Licensed Insolvency Trustee firms like Sands & Associates are licensed by the federal Government, overseen by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, and are required to comply with detailed rules of professional conduct and a robust code of ethics.

Our team is comprised of insolvency professionals who will take the time to understand your situation and ensure you get all the information you need to make confident decisions about moving forward to eliminate your debt. Each representative has been accredited to provide key debt help services, successfully completing various courses through the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (“CAIRP”), proving competence and understanding of related financial and legal matters along with satisfying practical experience requirements.

Licensed Insolvency Trustees

In Canada Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only debt help professional endorsed, authorized and regulated by the Government to help individuals and businesses address their debts. Solutions offered exclusively by Licensed Insolvency Trustee include (but are not limited to) specialized debt consolidation with a Consumer Proposal and debt forgiveness through bankruptcy.

Estate Managers

Estate Managers are authorized by the Government of Canada to provide key debt management services alongside a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Insolvency Counsellors

Financial credit counselling sessions offered in Canada must be completed by a Qualified Insolvency Counsellor.

When you connect with Sands & Associates about our debt help services you can rest assured you will be receiving support from a caring, dedicated professional with the knowledge and experience to help guide you to a better financial future.

What Types of Debt Can Sands & Associates Help With?

From credit card debts to overdrafts, payday loans, income tax and business GST debt, student loans and ICBC balances – Sands & Associates can help you resolve virtually all types of consumer and government debts.

Debt solutions may range from having a portion of your consolidated debt written-off, being protected from creditors and halting wage garnishments, to working out interest-free repayment plans or even full forgiveness of your debt.

We’re here to help you understand all the options available and assess the pros and cons of each strategy so you can choose the path forward that’s right for you and your unique circumstances.

What Should I Know About Debt Consolidation?

Many people in BC mistakenly believe that debt consolidation can only be accomplished by borrowing from a lender and repaying your consolidated debts with interest – this is not the case!

You can consolidate without borrowing, incurring interest charges, or paying extra fees with help from government-regulated Licensed Insolvency Trustees. Learn more about debt consolidation options in BC.

How Can I Access Debt Help Services?

BC residents anywhere in the province can get qualified debt help from the experts at Sands & Associates. Generally the first step is to request a confidential consultation to discuss your situation and assess your financial options together.

We understand our clients have a variety of personal circumstances and needs, some of which can make in-person services challenging. It is our goal to offer accommodating and convenient solutions for people in Cranbrook, the Kootenays and the rest of BC. Free, confidential consultations may take place in person from one of our local offices, or remotely by phone or video conference.

Sands & Associates can take you from consultation to debt-free, all from the comfort and convenience of your home. Learn more about Sands & Associates’ debt consultation process:

Get confidential advice and a plan to be debt-free. Book your free debt consultation and connect with a local Sands & Associates representative today.