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Situated in the core of the Fraser Valley region, Sands & Associates’ Chilliwack office team is available five days a week to assist consumers in resolving their financial difficulties.

Qualified Insolvency Counsellor and Estate Manager Sandra Myers is a member of the local community and able to advise and assist individuals in several debt management options including personal bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals.

Meet our team:

Sands & Associates is committed to providing Chilliwack and surrounding area residents with meaningful information and quality debt-management services.

More about Sands & Associates:

Sands & Associates is British Columbia’s largest firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees, focused exclusively on personal and small business debt services.  Founded in 1990 and with over 29 years of experience providing debt solutions, we are the people you should call when you need a plan to deal with your debts.

Meet with a representative in one of our BC locations, and find out how we can help you become debt-free!