The Wealth Effect and Gray Debt

Lee Anne Davies

Founder and CEO of Agenomics, Dr. Lee Anne Davies discusses the wealth effect, and the increasing rate of “gray debt”.

Self-employment Issues

Stephanie Munsie

CPA and Estate Manager, Stephanie Munsie discusses some common reasons self-employed individuals get into financial difficulty, and tips to stay on-track.

Shannon’s Story


Giving a voice, and emotions to a person who successfully achieved a financial fresh start through bankruptcy.

BC Consumer Debt Study

Blair Mantin

Blair discusses findings from Sands & Associates’ fifth annual BC Consumer Debt Study.

Marsha’s Story


Giving a voice, and emotions to a person who achieved a financial fresh start through filing a Consumer Proposal.

Wedding Costs

Cristie Rosling

A wedding is a big life event and milestone, often with a lot more detail and cost than one might expect. Cristie Rosling, owner and principle planner of Umbrella Events shares professional tips and insights.

Debt Settlement

Blair Mantin

Debt settlement is a term heard more and more by consumers, and is often a confusing industry.

Debt & Finances for Women

Barb Wallick

Many Canadian women wish they were more confident in financial matters, and many women face unique challenges when it comes to debt and finances. Personal Financial Planner and Coach, Barb Wallick shares insights and advice.

Financial Strain When Losing a Loved One

Nathan Logue

Garden Hill Cremation & Funeral Services licensed funeral director, Nathan Logue shares advice on how to help avoid financial strain for loved ones during what is inevitably a stressful and difficult time.

Owing Taxes

Blair Mantin

Many individuals are faced with unmanageable tax debts, and are unaware that there are in fact solutions to these debts.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When in Debt

Blair Mantin

How NOT to solve your financial problems – 5 mistakes not to make when in debt.

Realtors, Buying & Selling Costs

Tony Perdigao

Real Estate Agent Tony Perdigao shares points of considerations when choosing a realtor; buying and selling costs that may come as a surprise.

Bankruptcy in Canada

Blair Mantin

Bankruptcy in Canada: The Ins and Outs

Family Law Act

Frida Thomans

Lawyer Frida Tromans of Peninsula Law Group discusses how the Family Law Act impacts British Columbians.

Terrence’s Story


Giving a voice, and emotions to a person who successfully achieved a financial fresh start through bankruptcy.

All About Consumer Proposals

Blair Mantin

An overview of Consumer Proposals in Canada.

Why Dollars & Sense?

Blair Mantin

An introduction to “Dollars & Sense”.

The Professional Chef

Chef Helena

Grocery shopping and food budget tips and tricks from a professional chef.