5 Mistakes to Avoid When in Debt

Blair Mantin

How NOT to solve your financial problems – 5 mistakes not to make when in debt.

Realtors, Buying & Selling Costs

Tony Perdigao

Real Estate Agent Tony Perdigao shares points of considerations when choosing a realtor; buying and selling costs that may come as a surprise.

Bankruptcy in Canada

Blair Mantin

Bankruptcy in Canada: The Ins and Outs

Family Law Act

Frida Thomans

Lawyer Frida Tromans of Peninsula Law Group discusses how the Family Law Act impacts British Columbians.

Terrence’s Story


Giving a voice, and emotions to a person who successfully achieved a financial fresh start through bankruptcy.

All About Consumer Proposals

Blair Mantin

An overview of Consumer Proposals in Canada.

Why Dollars & Sense?

Blair Mantin

An introduction to “Dollars & Sense”.

The Professional Chef

Chef Helena

Grocery shopping and food budget tips and tricks from a professional chef.