The Bank of Mom and Dad

Lee Anne Davies

Whether to join the real estate market, make ends meet throughout post-secondary education, or bridging an income gap – transactions with the Bank of Mom and Dad are a very regular occurrence for many British Columbians. Founder and CEO of Agenomics, Dr. Lee Anne Davies discusses “The Bank of Mom and Dad”.

More than Credit Card Debt

Blair Mantin

Debt problems can come from a variety of sources – not just credit cards. Take a closer look at debts that can trigger a financial crisis.

Estate Planning

Allen Larose

People often avoid estate planning, but don’t realize that doing so can have a serious impact on their loved ones. Allen Larose highlights the importance of estate planning and shares planning tips and suggestions for the average consumer.

Keeping Fit on a Budget

Kyla Gagnon

People trying to cut down on expenses may think that they have to forgo fitness – Kyla Gagnon shares tips and strategies for people trying to keep fit, while sticking to a budget.

How are Licensed Insolvency Trustees different from Credit Counsellors?

Blair Mantin

Comparing some key points of difference between Licensed Insolvency Trustees and traditional Credit Counsellors.

Financial Planning for Singles

Simon Tanner

Simon Tanner of Dynamic Planning Partners shares financial tips and strategies for lower mainland singles.

Considerations Before you Sign

Blair Mantin

Many people sign their names to financial commitments they don’t fully understand. Blair Mantin shares some common “before you sign” scenarios, and some basic points to check for first!

“I’m in Debt – now what?" Debt Options to Move Forward!

Blair Mantin

Blair Mantin explains basic debt options available to consumers in Canada, when facing a debt crisis.

“Wolf at the Door”

Mark Silverthorn

Author of “Wolf at the Door” and founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions, Ontario-based lawyer Mark Silverthorn shares insights from his book “The Wolf at the Door: What To Do When Collection Agencies Come Calling”.

Banking 101


There are many banking options available to consumer nowadays. Sophie Salcito from Vancity joins us for a segment offering tips for people to choose well and get the most out of their banking options.

(More) Mistakes to Avoid When in Debt

Blair Mantin

Debt management can be a complicated financial area for many people, it’s easy to make mistakes.

Case Studies (Part IV)

Blair Mantin

Some examples of real people Sands & Associates has helped, by filing Consumer Proposals or Personal Bankruptcy.

Children and Money


Many adults feel their own problems with finances and budgeting stem from never really being taught how to have a healthy relationship with money. Sophie Salcito from Vancity shares tips and strategies parents can use, when teaching their children about money.

Bankruptcy VS Consumer Proposal

Blair Mantin

Blair Mantin of Sands & Associates explains the differences between personal bankruptcy and a Consumer Proposal.

Financial Challenges for Young Families

Barb Wallick

Many young families face financial challenges; Financial Planner Barb Wallick discusses some common scenarios, and shares tips and strategies for young families.

Avoiding Pitfalls of Being a Landlord


David Hutniak, CEO of LandlordBC highlights challenges for landlords and tenants alike, and shares tips and resources.

Insolvency Search Fee

Mark Silverthorn

Author of “Wolf at the Door” and founder of Comprehensive Debt Solutions, Ontario-based lawyer Mark Silverthorn discusses the current state of, and concerns surrounding changes to insolvency name search fees in Canada.

Dealing with Unexpected Debt

Blair Mantin

Financial problems often build over time, but what about debt that hits unexpectedly? A look at some common causes of unexpected debt, and debt solutions.

BC’s “Retirement” Generation

Blair Mantin

A look at profiling BC’s “Retirement Generation” in Debt.

Beginning a Tenancy

Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre

Andrew Sakamoto from Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre (TRAC) shares tips and resources for British Columbians on finding a home and beginning a tenancy.