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Festive ambiance doesn’t have to overwhelm your budget – our guest blogger Melissa shares some Do’s and Don’ts for holiday decorating on a budget.  Be sure to check out the accompanying post to this special guest blog for more tips!

DO light your tree really well with LED lights (energy efficient!) before you add any decor.  Hardware stores often offer a trade-in rebate if you switch to LED lighting; take them your old strands and get a credit for new ones.

DO add any garland you’re using first and then the biggest items- space them out over the tree.

DO cluster 3 different balls together on wire to create bigger more impactful pieces.

DO set aside a little decor budget for big sales in January and shop off-season.  Craft shops and dollar stores are great places and don’t forget online shopping!

DO look on Craigslist and other reputable sites to find trees.  A good quality artificial tree will save you money – a real tree can be $100 each year!

DON’T shop at a Christmas store, unless it’s for last years bargains.

DON’T put decor too far into the tree, the idea is to ‘coat’ the surface of the tree and keep ornaments near the outside of the branches.

DON’T let the ornaments hang down on a long string, instead use a small twist tie made of green pipe cleaner to secure ornaments.

Melissa Laithwaite is a creative director at Greenscape Design & Décor in Vancouver, BC – over the years she has concocted a wide variety of designs, installations and projects with budgets across the board.

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