Nanaimo-based Licensed Insolvency Trustee Janet Humes and Insolvency Estate Manager Julie Cho will be attending the Nanaimo Business Expo on October 4th from 10:00am to 5:00pm. The Nanaimo Business Expo, presented by the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce, is Vancouver Island’s largest business expo, with over 100 booths and hundreds of attendees.

Connect with Janet and Julie at the Network Hub booth – we look forward to meeting you!

Sands and Associates - Nanaimo Debt Help

You are Not Alone!

Money problems can happen to anyone, regardless of their income, education, or other socioeconomic factors.

Last year more than 5,800 people in BC chose to consolidate and cut their debts by filing a Consumer Proposal, a further 4,100 consumers made the decision to start fresh by filing personal bankruptcy.1

Our 2017 BC Consumer Debt Study found that over 80% of people who filed a Consumer Proposal or personal bankruptcy said they would have acted sooner if they had been aware of the details of these debt solutions.  We believe that “Knowing is Not Owing” and that getting the right guidance at the onset of a financial challenge can cost consumers less in money, time, and health.

What is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the professionals designated and legally endorsed by the Federal Government to give debt assistance to Canadians.

Formerly known as Bankruptcy Trustees, Licensed Insolvency Trustees will meet with you at no cost to discuss your financial situation and evaluate your options for dealing with debt. They can also help you through legal debt solutions for writing off debt including Consumer Proposals and personal bankruptcy.

Who is Sands & Associates?

Sands & Associates is BC’s largest firm of Licensed Insolvency Trustees focused exclusively on helping people and small businesses get a financial fresh start. We’re proud to have been awarded the Consumer Choice Award for BC Licensed Insolvency Trustees for seven consecutive years. Founded in 1990, we have grown to become a network of 16 local offices throughout the province.

We understand that debt stress is real stress and it is our goal to provide professional debt solutions with compassionate service. We believe that everyone deserves to live their best life, without debt.

Can’t make it to the Nanaimo Business Expo? No problem – contact us today to learn more about working with us, or book your confidential free debt consultation. 

1 Source: Government of Canada