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Award-winning Licensed Insolvency Trustees Sands & Associates answer commonly-asked questions about debt help in BC.

Q:  How does debt management affect credit ratings?

A:  There are several possible debt management options available to consumers, each of which will have different impacts to credit ratings and scores. Here is a brief overview of some common debt options and their impact on your credit history:

Consumer Proposal – 3-Year Impact | Only Available Through: Licensed Insolvency Trustee

  • A Consumer Proposal works by consolidating and reducing your debts into one legal debt settlement and stopping all future interest. The amount of debt that needs to be repaid to settle the debts is normally substantially reduced as part of the settlement. It’s common that proposals offer approximately 30% repayment of total debts outstanding over a period of 2-4 years, though each circumstance is unique.
  • Your credit history will reflect that a Consumer Proposal was filed for three years after the date your proposal is finished, or six years after your Consumer Proposal started – whichever is soonest.
    • You may still be able to get new credit during this period, and tools to help rebuild your credit rating are provided as part of the Consumer Proposal process.

Credit Counselling – 2-Year Impact | Available Through: Non-Profit or For-Profit Credit Counsellor

  • Credit Counselling programs provided by non-profit and for-profit credit counsellors consolidate eligible debts into a plan and halt accumulating interest; the consolidated debts are then repaid in full. Note that not all creditors will accept Credit Counselling plans and this includes every debt owing to Government. If you have Government debt those creditors would need to be paid separately and in addition to those in the Credit Counselling program.
  • A Credit Counselling debt management program reflects similarly to a Consumer Proposal and will appear on your credit history for two years from the date your program is finished, or six years after you defaulted on your accounts – whichever is soonest.
    • It may still be possible to get new credit during this period, and rebuilding credit resources are provided by the credit counsellor.

Personal Bankruptcy – 6-Year Impact | Only Available Through: Licensed Insolvency Trustee

  • Filing a personal bankruptcy will effectively eliminate virtually all your debts. In most bankruptcies there is no set amount of repayment based on the amount of the debts; amounts you are required to pay are driven solely by your income and family situation.
  • In BC, a personal bankruptcy will be reflected on your credit history for six years from the date you were discharged (released) from the bankruptcy.
    • Lenders may still grant new credit during this six-year period, tools and resources to help rebuild your credit rating are provided through the personal bankruptcy process.

It’s crucial to find out the facts before committing to any debt management plan. A Licensed Insolvency Trustee will meet with you confidentially at no cost to explain these and other possible options to become debt-free. Book your free debt consultation with Sands & Associates today.