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Debt Can...
Make you feel stressed, worried or anxious.
Be a constant nagging thought.
Feel like a hopeless challenge.
Are You...
Making just minimum monthly payments on your debts? Or even unable to do so?
Often relying on credit cards to meet your costs of living?
Feeling harassed by creditors or being pursued for Government debt?

You are not alone, we’re here to help.
You have options to move forward with your life, without debt.

Sands & Associates is here for you!
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BC Licensed Insolvency Trustees: Consolidation, Consumer Proposal and Personal Bankruptcy Services

Understand and Assess Your Debt Options at No Charge

From credit card debt to income tax debt, payday loans to student loans and more – Sands & Associates helps people assess their options for getting out of debt. When you connect with a caring professional at Sands & Associates we will take the time to understand your situation, hear your concerns and goals, and assess all the debt options available to you. We’ll help you learn about specialized debt consolidation with Consumer Proposals, how Personal Bankruptcy works and more.

Understand and Assess
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Get a Plan to Become Debt-Free

You may feel overwhelmed and hopeless, but you have choices in how to deal with your debt – we want to help you take back control and make an informed decision about your future. Knowing is not owing!

We can help you implement debt solutions that suit your needs: consolidate and cut virtually all types of debt without borrowing, have your debts written-off and forgiven, get protection from creditors, or interest-free debt repayment – your debt-free plan starts here.

Sands & Associates’ Licensed Insolvency Trustees stop your debt-stress so you can move forward with confidence, debt-free. You deserve a financial fresh start!

Connect with a Caring BC Debt Help Expert

No matter what circumstances caused the debt problem, we believe you are entitled to live with dignity and without debt and its overwhelming stress. Sands & Associates’ qualified, non-judgmental professionals are dedicated to helping you understand your rights and remedies when it comes to debt, and providing professional solutions with empathy. We are proud to be described as “Debt Smart with Heart!”

Whether you decide to file Personal Bankruptcy, make a Consumer Proposal to your creditors, or consolidate your debt, we want you to feel confident in the debt solution you choose and we believe our supportive approach to debt services has helped us become the award-winning firm of choice for people in BC since 1990.


Consumer Proposals

A Consumer Proposal can consolidate and cut debt with no interest. Legally write-off virtually all consumer, business and even government debt by filing a Consumer Proposal.

Learn About Consumer Proposals


The decision to file for bankruptcy is yours – no creditor or other party can stop you from seeking the protection of bankruptcy in Canada.

Learn About Personal Bankruptcy

Debt Consolidation

There is more than one way to consolidate debt. Debt consolidation options vary considerably depending on your situation.

Learn About Debt Consolidation

Compare Your Debt Options

Enter your total amount of debt (excluding mortgage and car loan) and we'll show you a list of options.