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Trustee in Bankruptcy Basics

If you’re considering meeting with a bankruptcy trustee about your debts you probably have a lot of questions about what a trustee does.  If you’ve never even heard of a bankruptcy trustee or consumer proposal administrator there’s probably even more...Read more

Consumer Proposal VS Credit Counselling

Click the above graphic to enlarge. To arrange a free and confidential consultation to discuss your debt resolution options in one of our eleven lower mainland offices, please contact...Read more

How does a Trustee get paid?

If you’ve been researching available solutions to your debts, chances are you’ve discovered that there are a variety of options available to you; from debt consolidation  to consumer proposals to bankruptcy; the choice is yours and everyone’s situation...Read more

Sands & Associates Featured office: Surrey

Centrally located in Surrey, Sands & Associates’ Surrey office is one of our busiest branches.  Our staff are proud to be able to provide debt reduction, consumer proposal and bankruptcy services to residents in the area.  Our Surrey office also...Read more

Your Credit Report & Score Basics

Credit history is often a confusing area for Canadians.  We hear misinformation from others, misunderstand what we’ve read, or mistake our American neighbours’ laws for our own.  To help set the record straight we’ve outlined some credit report and...Read more