Sands & Associates Featured office: Surrey

Centrally located in Surrey, Sands & Associates’ Surrey office is one of our busiest branches.  Our staff are proud to be able to provide debt reduction, consumer proposal and bankruptcy services to residents in the area.  Our Surrey office also...Read more

Your Credit Report & Score Basics

Credit history is often a confusing area for Canadians.  We hear misinformation from others, misunderstand what we’ve read, or mistake our American neighbours’ laws for our own.  To help set the record straight we’ve outlined some credit report and...Read more

Life and Debt in BC: Over-55s feeling a heavy burden

The Province newspaper released the final installment of their exclusive three-part series surrounding in-debt BC residents today. Sands & Associates' 2013 Consumer Debt Study showed just how hard British Columbians aged 55 and over have been hit by...Read more

But what about my Credit Score?

Concerns about credit reports and credit scores are very common worries that people mention.  Despite the fact that their debts are causing stress, some individuals are more focused on what the credit bureau thinks of them than what they are facing (often on...Read more

4 Considerations Before you Sign

With an ever-growing amount of companies offering assistance with debt-relief, the average Canadian may find an overwhelming amount of information surrounding debt options.  Unfortunately not all solutions are created equal and some are downright risky if...Read more