How (and Why) to Check Your Credit Report

Even though it’s generally recommended to check your credit report about once a year, this is a financial chore that often falls by the wayside, even for the most financially-savvy of us.  Because an un-kempt credit history can be hiding a lot of hassle...Read more

Ask the Trustee – September Edition

Licensed Insolvency Trustee Blair Mantin answers your questions about how to manage debts, including options such as Credit Counselling, Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcy in BC! Q: I need help with my debt, but worry about damaging my credit rating. A:...Read more

Sands & Associates: Our Mission

In Canada, Licensed Insolvency Trustees are the only professionals designated by the Federal government to provide legislated debt solutions to people who find themselves in financial difficulty.  Sands & Associates is British Columbia’s largest firm...Read more

Back-to-School Budget Hacks

Read our top 7 back-to-school budget tips to help prepare your kids for the classroom, without feeling the financial pinch! Click the infographic to enlarge. To meet with a representative for a free, confidential consultation in one of our 15 BC...Read more

How Much Debt will a Consumer Proposal Eliminate?

Although filing a Consumer Proposal is a debt management option that has been around for some time, it’s only in recent years that more Canadians have become aware of this powerful alternative to bankruptcy.  A Consumer Proposal allows you to make a legal...Read more