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Sands & Associates Featured Office: White Rock

Sands & Associates’ White Rock office is located near the Peninsula Village Shopping Centre, on 24th Avenue.  Our knowledgeable staff provide debt solutions and information to residents of the local community, at no cost or obligation.  Money troubles can and do happen to nearly everyone and we are focused on ensuring that those who meet with us fully understand all their financial alternatives, to better enable informed decision making and achieve a fresh financial start.

White Rock Staff Spotlight:  Cindy Wallas

Cindy Wallas is a Qualified Insolvency Counsellor and Estate Manager, with over 13 years of experience assisting individuals with their debt resolution options.  Cindy is available to discuss bankruptcy, consumer proposal and credit counselling options in our Surrey, White Rock and Victoria offices.

Cindy’s Top Trustee Tip:  “Use cash, not debit when making purchases.  If you’re paying by cash, you’re much more likely to consider how necessary the expenditure is before committing to purchase.”

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Meet Sands & Associates at Ridge Meadows Home Show

In the 12-month period ending February 2014, nearly 70,000 Canadians filed for personal bankruptcy as a solution to their unmanageable debts.  A further 50,000 Canadians used a consumer proposal to resolve their financial difficulties.  Given those figures, the odds are good that you or someone you know has or will struggle with debt at some point in their lives.

Debt seems to be the last great taboo in North American culture.  Nearly all of us are carrying it, no one really likes it…but we just can’t seem to stop incurring more.  Because of the ongoing stigma surrounding debt, the myths and downright confusion over its legalities and consequences continue to survive.  Just one of the reasons why we’re bringing debt out of the dark and into the spotlight!

We’ll be attending the Ridge Meadows Home Show taking place at Planet Ice in Maple Ridge May 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Stop by and meet some of our friendly knowledgeable staff!  One of BC’s largest and best attended consumer shows, the Ridge Meadows Home Show is all about you – your home, your life and your family.

Please click here for more information about the Ridge Meadows Home Show.

In 2015 BC’s trusted debt experts, Sands & Associates, are celebrating 25 years of providing debt solutions to consumers and small businesses.  We operate from 12 offices throughout British Columbia and have more than 50 people available to help you resolve the financial difficulties you may be facing.

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Ask the Trustee – April Edition

Licensed trustee Blair Mantin answers your questions about how to manage debts, including options such as Credit Counselling, Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcy in BC! 

Q:  Are there options for helping me deal with my income tax debt?

A: If you’ve been unable to satisfy your income tax, GST or payroll debts with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), a government-licensed Trustee is your best ally. 

A Consumer Proposal is the only mechanism in Canada that can be used to settle tax debts for less than the full amount owing, with no additional interest or penalties.

If you are unable to contribute towards repaying part of the tax balance due, bankruptcy can also eliminate debts due to income taxes or GST.

CRA is a powerful creditor and can pursue drastic collection action.  If you have an unmanageable tax debt, it’s important to address it without delay.

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Happy Anniversary Piggy Bank

Sands & Associates Celebrates 25th Anniversary

This year Sands & Associates is proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary! Founded in 1990, we have grown to become British Columbia’s largest firm of Credit Counsellors, Proposal Administrators and licensed Trustees in Bankruptcy.

Sands & Associates is focused exclusively on helping individuals and small businesses with their debt solution needs, including personal bankruptcies and consumer proposals. Over the past 25 years we’ve helped tens of thousands of people resolve their financial troubles and achieve a fresh financial start.

With a growing team comprising of licensed Trustees, qualified Insolvency Estate Managers and Counsellors, in addition to several members and articling members of the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals, we are the people you should call when you need a plan to deal with your debts. Our Trustees and Estate Managers are highly competent and experienced professionals who take the time to understand the unique circumstances of your situation and review all of your debt options with respect and empathy, so that you can make an informed decision on the right course of action for you.

Sands & Associates’ leadership team of Deane Gurney, Geoff Orrell and Blair Mantin would like to take this time to extend heartfelt thanks to our staff that have helped make Sands & Associates a success, and to all of those who have placed their trust in us to assist them with their struggles. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support!

Here’s to 25 years Sands & Associates!

Read some of the testimonials left for us over the years here.

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Sands & Associates Featured Office: Vancouver

Sands & Associates’ Vancouver office is conveniently located steps away from Burrard Skytrain Station in beautiful downtown Vancouver.  As Credit Counsellors, Proposal Administrators and licensed Bankruptcy Trustees, we are proud to offer debt assessments, strategies and solutions for both individuals and small businesses.

Vice-President of Sands & Associates, Trustee Blair Mantin is available to assist those seeking debt solutions, as is licensed Trustee Tracey Lowe.  Our Vancouver office is also home to Chartered Professional Accountant and CAIRP member Jeff Ayre, as well as Rachel Riddell, a Qualified Insolvency Counsellor and Estate Manager.

Blair’s Top Trustee Tip:  “Don’t cash in your RRSPs to pay down debts.  RRSPs are exempt from seizure and you’ll need them during your retirement years, so keep them intact.”

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What Debts does a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal Cover?

When investigating the different types of debt solutions available in Canada, two that offer federally licensed and regulated protection are bankruptcy and consumer proposals.  While it’s generally understood that common debts such as credit cards, lines of credit or loans can be resolved using a trustee or proposal administrator, many people have questions about what other debts can and can’t be included:

Student Loans:  If it’s been more than seven years since you were last a student, student loans can be included under a bankruptcy or consumer proposal.  If only five years have passed since your last study date you can alternatively make an application for your student loans to be released under hardship provision following your bankruptcy.

Income Tax Debts:  Whether it’s for personal income taxes, GST or business taxes due, debts with Canada Revenue Agency can be included in a bankruptcy or consumer proposal and bank account seizures or wage garnishments stemming from the debts will be immediately halted.  In fact, a consumer proposal is the only method that can be used to negotiate a reduced balance owing for tax debts.

Co-signed Debts:  If there are debts that have been co-signed or that are held jointly with someone else, the person filing the bankruptcy or consumer proposal will be discharged from having to repay the debts.  The guarantor or co-signor however, will be obligated to repay the full balance owing.  Having a co-signor gives the creditor additional means to recover their debt in full, whether it’s the original party paying, or their guarantor.

Secured Debts:  Debts that use assets such as a property or vehicle as collateral can be included under a consumer proposal or bankruptcy should you wish to end the ongoing commitment, as well as the shortfall/deficit once the asset has been returned.  If the account is in good standing and the creditor with whom you have the debt is in agreement, you could choose to continue with the arrangements in place instead

Since debts and financial obligations can be unclear, it’s always best to speak with a licensed trustee before self-assessing your situation.  Situations and circumstances can vary greatly so when in doubt as to how to approach certain debts, a professional can make the navigation much more clear.

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