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Sands & Associates’ NEW Location: Nanaimo

Sands & Associates is pleased to announce the opening of our newest Vancouver Island office in downtown Nanaimo. Our Nanaimo office is located in the SquareOne Building on Victoria Crescent. We are now available by appointment to assist Nanaimo area residents with their debt restructuring needs.

Celebrating 25 years of helping individuals and small businesses becoming debt free, our second Vancouver Island location will allow us to assist more people than ever before. Sands & Associates was founded in 1990 and operates throughout British Columbia’s lower mainland, Vancouver Island and Thompson-Okanagan regions. We are federally licensed Credit Counsellors, Licensed Trustees and Proposal Administrators focused exclusively on personal and small business insolvency services.

We believe our non-judgmental, empathetic approach to assisting those in financial difficulty sets us apart and has helped us become the Trustee firm of choice within BC, as well as Consumer Choice Award winners for four years running.

To discuss your debt options with a Sands & Associates representative in our Nanaimo or other location near you, please contact us to arrange a free, confidential consultation.


How to Build a Budget

It really doesn’t matter if a budget is big or small, just that you have one that fits your needs and can help you meet your money goals.

If you haven’t worked with a budget before, or are starting all over again, now is a great time to begin!


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To arrange a free and confidential consultation to discuss your debt resolution options in one of our fifteen BC office locations, please contact us.


Ask the Trustee – July Edition

Licensed trustee Blair Mantin answers your questions about how to manage debts, including options such as Credit Counselling, Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcy in BC! 

Q: What are my options for dealing with debt, besides bankruptcy?

A: There are many alternatives to deal with debt without bankruptcy, such as:

  • Contacting your creditors to suggest alternative arrangements for payment.
  • Combining or “consolidating” your debts into one loan.
  • Negotiating an informal proposal or payment plan with your creditors.
  • Hiring a private debt counsellor to bargain payment arrangements with creditors, for a fee. (Not all creditors will agree to work with private debt agents).
  • Contacting a licensed trustee to file a Consumer Proposal that allows you to only repay a portion of your debts, as settlement in full.  This is the number one alternative to bankruptcy in Canada.

To find out more about your debt options, call us at 1-800-661-3030 or contact us here to arrange for a free, confidential consultation.


Sands & Associates Summer 2015 Newsletter

Catch up on the latest QuickSands Newsletter for current industry news, money-saving tips and more!


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To find out more about how a licensed trustee can help with debts, contact us for a free, confidential consultation in one of our 15 BC offices.


Sands & Associates’ NEW Location: Kelowna

Sands & Associates is happy to unveil our expansion into BC’s Thompson-Okanagan region with the opening of our Kelowna office.  Our new Kelowna office is located in the Landmark business centre on Dickson Avenue in Kelowna’s legal district.

At Sands & Associates we specialize in administering bankruptcies and consumer proposals to both individuals and corporations.  We are government-licensed professionals here to help individuals and small businesses understand their options for dealing with debt. We are proud to have a large, and growing, team of qualified insolvency counselors, insolvency estate managers and licensed Proposal Administrators and Trustee available to assist you.

Founded in 1990, Sands & Associates has grown to become British Columbia’s largest firm of licensed Proposal Administrators and Bankruptcy Trustees focused exclusively on personal and small business services, with offices throughout British Columbia’s lower mainland, Vancouver Island and Thompson-Okanagan regions. Sands & Associates is also a multi-year winner of the Consumer Choice Award in the category of Bankruptcy Trustees in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

To discuss your debt options with a Sands & Associates representative in our Kelowna or other location near you, please contact us to arrange a free, confidential consultation.


The First Step to Becoming Debt-free

If you feel that your debts have become a burden and are seeking ways to reduce or eliminate debt from your life, the first step is to find out all of your options.  Without becoming fully apprised of the legalities in British Columbia, it’s nearly impossible to make an informed decision about how you’d like to move forward.  So what happens when you meet with Sands & Associates for an initial consultation regarding your debt options?  Read on:

Examining your debts:  First things first, it’s helpful if you can have an idea as to who you owe and roughly how much.  If you’re unsure we can help you find out.  We’ll review how the debts are structured; Are they secured to an asset? Would any survive a bankruptcy or consumer proposal?  Do you need a bank account seizure lifted or a wage garnishee halted?  Many people are unaware that with the right tools, it is possible to reduce or eliminate nearly all debts, including tax debts and student loans.

Reviewing your assets:  You may be surprised to hear that there are many assets which are legally protected from your creditors, even RRSPs and home equity.  To plan an effective debt reduction strategy we’ll review what assets you may have at your disposal and which assets are legally protected from your creditors.  Be sure you’ve spoken with a debt specialist before depleting assets you believe to be up for grabs by creditors, the rules vary between provinces and online information may not be current.

Discussing your personal circumstances:  Everyone has a different personal situation that needs to be considered, there is no “one size fits all” solution.  If you’re able to consider the main goal you’d like to meet regarding your debt it helps the provider tailor a solution for you.  Family size (do you support dependents?), average income (regular or irregular) and other personal obligations, as well as your household monthly budget are main factors when it comes to debt planning.

Evaluating your options:  Depending on the outcome you’d like to attain regarding your debts, there may be several options that would be suitable.  Whether it’s credit counselling, a consumer proposal, seeking a consolidation loan or even doing nothing, you need to be fully informed as to your options.  We’ll explain all of them to you; the pros and cons and how they would relate to you specifically, even those that would mean referring you to another provider.

Regardless of which debt solution makes the most sense for your situation, the first step is always the same – meet confidentially with a professional in your local area.  Remember that not all debt specialists are created equal and it should never cost you money to pay for debt advice, so be sure that you’re speaking with a licensed Trustee who is legally qualified to assist you.

Initial consultations with our professionals are always free – please contact us to arrange a confidential assessment of your debt options.